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On January 25, the European Union Parliament’s “Special Committee on Foreign Intervention in the EU’s Democratic Process” adopted an investigation report, pointing out that Europe is not aware of the serious threat posed by authoritarian regimes such as the the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and affirming Taiwan’s achievements in resisting CCP disinformation attacks and encouraging the EU to cooperate with Taiwan.

The Special Committee said that the vast majority of European citizens and government officials are not aware of the seriousness of the threats posed by foreign authoritarian regimes, especially the CCP and Russia. Inadequate defenses make it easy for personnel with malicious intention gain access to critical infrastructure and to launch cyber attacks. In addition, authoritarian regimes such as Communist China often employs former European political figures who are well-known to spread messages in public debates. Furthermore, foreign powers’ interference in EU democracy has been exacerbated by, for instance, insufficient coordination among EU countries.

The report also says that Taiwan is at the forefront of the CCP’s campaign on information manipulation, but that the Taiwanese government has worked with independent NGOs, as well as social media, to resist. The report acknowledges the strategies adopted by Taiwan and encourages the EU and its member states to deepen their cooperation with Taiwan to counter actions that interfering democracy and disinformation by malicious third-party countries.

The report recommends supporting pluralistic media and fact-checkers, banning foreign funding for European political parties, improving cybersecurity, and addressing issues such as the money invested by the CCP in geopolitical competition.

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