Author: MOS Education Team – Chun Cao
Translated by: MOS Art Team – Newlands

1. Definition of one person, one vote
2. Summary of the one-person, one-vote voting law
3. Publicity and popularization of legal knowledge
4. Law enforcement and supervision

Everyone is familiar with votes, whether it is a democratic country or a totalitarian or dictatorial country, there are votes. But only in democracies are there real votes. It is a pity that so far, no democratic country has truly achieved democratic elections. Basically, they rely on the financial support of the rich, and some citizens or even a small number of citizens participate in voting to elect politicians at all levels. The general election has actually become a game in which a few rich people compete for power and profits, enslave civilians, and frantically plunder the residual value.

In view of this, the New Federal State of China, created by the Whistleblower Movement led by Guo Wengui first proposed a one-person, one-vote voting system, which is a completely new voting system different from existing democratic countries.

1. Definition of one person, one vote

a. It is an election in which the whole people participate in voting. One person, one vote—everyone can vote, and each person can only vote once. Everyone here refers to qualified legal citizens. Candidates must obtain more than 2/3 of the number of votes to win the election. Although not everyone agrees, it has a majority interest; meanwhile, the majority rule is limited in order to protect the minority rights. They include not only elections but also impeachment, and they must be decided by vote, with the same proportion of participants and dismissals as above. In addition to dignitaries at the national level, dignitaries in all branches of state government must also comply with the voting law.

b. One person, one vote is not only for the election and removal of dignitaries at all levels, but also applies to all laws, regulations, and systems of the country as well as all content and major policies related to the national economy and people’s livelihood. The draft is first drawn up by professionals, and finally must be decided through a way of referendum. The number of people who participated in voting and the percentage of votes passed is the same as above.

C. All relevant decisions, regulations, and codes made by industries and enterprises in the country, including scientific research, colleges, etc., all units that involve the rights and interests of both labor and management between employers and employees, must be voted on by all employers and employees, and it is illegal for employers to make their own decisions.

In conclusion, the voting system of one person, one vote means that all power returns to laborers. The officials and staff at all levels of government and department are all administrators (staff) elected by citizens. They have equal (same) power as ordinary workers and have no privileges, regardless of their status.

This is a truly democratic society.
(to be continued)


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