By billwilliam

Proofread by: Ermat

Picture Source: AFP

According to the Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda outlet China Daily, an anonymous source reveals that the United States has paid money to foreign athletes to make troubles during the Beijing Winter Olympics. Under the pretext of this false accusation, the CCP apparently will pick fault with foreign athletes who participate in the event.

The news alleges that the US encourages foreign athletes with “high rewards” to “express discontent to China, to perform passively, or even to ditch the games.” The US will even allocate its global resources to protect the reputation of the athletes who perform passively in games.

The propaganda news goes on to slam anti-China forces in the US for “politicizing sports and deliberately disrupting the Beijing Winter Olympics” and for being the “troublemakers” of Olympic Games. The anonymous source also alleges that anti-China forces in the US are paying the athletes and “inciting” them to engage in activities that don’t match with their identities as athletes, which violates the Olympic spirit. The “political manipulation” by anti-China forces in the US won’t succeed.

First to clarify, the US government has never sponsored any athlete to carry out any protest during the Beijing Winter Olympics. The phrase “anti-China forces in the US” appears to hint at the Whistleblower Movement and Americans who support taking down the CCP, but the truth is the opposite of the CCP’s propaganda. The Whistleblower Movement founded by Mr. Miles Guo aims to differentiate the Chinese people from the Chinese Communist Party. The Chinese people are not equal to the evil Communist Party. We support China but don’t support the CCP, so the claim of being “anti-China” is groundless.

Besides, as Mr. Guo revealed in his live broadcast a few days ago, a secret fund was put aside to provide the cryptocurrency H-Coin to athletes who boycott the Beijing Winter Olympics. The secret fund only pays athletes to boycott the Olympic Game by not traveling to China but has never paid them to disrupt the event. It is justified to boycott the Winter Olympics. Western governments led by the US have announced diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics because of the CCP’s genocide in Xinjiang and Tibet. Meanwhile, the CCP has committed crimes against humanity by releasing the Covid virus and developing the toxic Covid vaccines. According to Mr. Guo, the CCP regime has butchered millions of dogs near Beijing, so the hamburgers for athletes going to Communist China may be made of dog meat. The CCP has committed the crime of animal cruelty.  

The CCP still carries out its final madness while the Biden administration has authorized the departure of the US Embassy in Beijing. As the virus pandemic in Beijing and neighboring Tianjin has spiraled out of control, foreign athletes really shouldn’t visit China at this moment. And they will subject to the despicable practice of “anal swab,” by which they are stripped nude for sample collection in the anus for virus PCR test. Pray for all the foreign athletes who unfortunately participate in the Genocide Olympics and pray they can return home safely and in good health.