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In the Grand live broadcast on January 19th, 2022, Miles Guo talked about how the compatriots in mainland China could secure their property and life before the CCP dead train crashed completely. It was just over 5 years since Miles initiated the Whistleblower Movement by live broadcasting to reveal the evils of the CCP. Each live broadcast had been watched by hundreds of millions of Chinese in China, mainly from developed areas where people had awakened, such as Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen cities. The received the messages to get well prepared and secured for their property and life.


A Light Can Shine Out the Darkness of a Thousand Years; A Wisdom Can Destroy All Foolishness of Ten Thousand Years! Miles called for compatriots in mainland China “not to turn your backs on the Whistleblower Movement, not to look for excuses on your own selfishness and cowardice to ignore self-saving opportunities. It is not so difficult to surf the internet domestically through VPNs now, you can always find solutions to surf the internet as long as you want.”

Miles also said “destiny and blessings are closely related to enlightenment and cultivation! The Whistleblower Movement is saving Chinese compatriots, and you must have the consciousness of self-save at least if you want to be saved!” Miles called for compatriots on joining the Whistleblower Movement. He said “the movement has made countless miracles so far if you don’t want to live still like slaves, if you want to endorse the future of your kid, and if you want to change your living level and standard”! 

Miles urged compatriots in China “not to be scared easily, not to foolishly continue to stay in the traps which the CCP dedicatedly set for you. Instead, compatriots need to be bravely and smartly to register on GTV and GETTR to post short videos, photos and messages. Just record and post there with the real things in your villages and cities, to spread the truth while you had secured your safety. You should grab the “lying-flat coins” as soon as possible which is just by simply using designated platforms and participating on speaking out and also by buying HCN will significantly change everything for you!”

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完整视频 2022年1月19日 文贵大直播


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