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(Photo from the internet not related to this event in the article.) In the photo is the internal of military transport aircraft for carrying wounded personnel by the US air force referred as Aeromedical Evacuation (AE).

On his Gettr video post on Jan 28, 2022, after his daily core training exercise routine, Miles Guo revealed:

“The Communist Party is still trying to kowtow and kneel to the United States after the “Embassy Departure” authorization. CCP asked America to help them lie and deceive the 1.4Billion Chinese people. They begged America ‘Please say that only withdrawing several tested positive staff. Most of the embassy staff will stay.’ ‘How did Miles Guo know all this immediately?’ “

“How tragic, the CCP is so pathetic. the ordinary Chinese are so pitiful!” Guo continues:

“Later, right now, America’s medical military aircraft just landed at the T3 terminal. Yes, they sent military aircraft. Let us see what is going to happen. The CCP leadership are sheep in wolves’ clothing towards the Americans, but wolves in sheep’s clothing towards the Chinese people.”

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