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CCP China has one of the highest rates of bribery in Asia(Greg Baker/AFP/Getty Images)

On January 25th, the NGO Transparency International released the 2021 Global Corruption Perceptions Index (GCPI). The researchers of the organization said that China under the CCP has one of the highest rates of bribery in Asia, and it has spread “corruption problems globally.

The GCPI has a full score of 100. Among the 180 countries surveyed, Western Europe has the highest average score, and sub-Saharan Africa has the lowest. The Chinese Communist Party in China received 45 points. Although not at the bottom, the situation is worrying.

The cleanest countries at the top of the list are Denmark, Finland, and New Zealand, all with 88 points; the United States with 67 points; the highest scoring region in Western Europe with an average of 66 points; and the lowest score in sub-Saharan Africa with 33 points. Two thirds of the world’s countries are under 50.

China has one of the highest rates of bribery in Asia.

VOA reported that Roberto Martinez B. Kukutschka, a research expert at Transparency International in Berlin, Germany, said that the agency’s Corruption Perception Index collects, compares, and integrates the data of international experts and international institutions, including the World Bank. The assessment is based on the data obtained by their local investigation in China.

In the 2019 survey, we asked respondents about their bribery experiences in five public service sectors in China, including health, education, police, and obtaining a driver’s license from the vehicle control bureau and a passport from the public security bureau. In the field of public administration of the document, it was found that 28% of the Chinese people actually paid bribes to government public service personnel in order to obtain government services. Kukuchka said that it is crucially important to conduct field polls to measure corruption information.

Kukuchka said that they interviewed 2,000 ordinary Chinese citizens covering all parts of China at that time, including rural, urban, all age groups, a reasonable proportion of men and women, and different socioeconomic classes. Because of the cost factor, we cannot do such a survey every year.

Bribery and corruption abroad by the Chinese Communist Party.

As VOA reported, Gary Kalman, director of the U.S. office of Transparency International, said that the Chinese Communist Party’s corrupt behavior crosses the border and flows to other parts of the world, including Africa, through foreign aid and corrupt contracts.

The Party has been expanding in Africa for more than two decades, and it has always been suspected of bringing corruption to the continent, although the Party has always denied it.

The BBC once quoted the analysis of its African business editor, Larry Madowo, as saying that the United States has regulations such as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, which specifically regulates that American companies cannot use bribery and other improper means to obtain contracts in foreign countries. However, the Chinese Communist Party does not have similar regulations.

Kalman also said, “Because the Chinese Communist Party is a global player, corruption extends beyond its borders.” You have to look globally beyond China’s borders to fully understand the impact of corruption. The GCPI measures only domestic corruption, while it does not measure illicit financial flows between countries.

The Chinese Communist Party’s corruption is eroding the U.S. democracy.

The 2021 Index report noted that some government officials have combined “transnational theft of public funds” with “gross violations of human rights”. These have enabled dictators to enjoy ill-gotten gains while whitewashing their reputations abroad and evading accountability.

International corruption by the Chinese Communist Party is undermining the democratic system of the U.S. and the West. For example, when huge sums of money enter the United States from China and are integrated into the American system through the purchase of real estate, companies, stocks, etc., most of them are in the hands of Wall Street. Funds are usually arranged, transferred, and managed through the hands of wealth management companies.

This must have an impact at the political level in the United States. For example, US policymakers intend to strengthen the regulation, but it will be opposed by Wall Street, which will invisibly erode the democratic politics of the United States.

The GCPI 2021 shows that the more severe corruption, the extent of restrictions on civil liberties, the fewer civil liberties, the more difficult it is to fight corruption. Delia Ferreira Rubio, president of Transparency International, said that human rights ensure freedom of expression and freedom of the media in civil society, and that holding the power of accountability is the only sustainable path to eradicating corruption in society.

Comment: If the Chinese Communist Party is not the most corrupt regime in the world, there is nothing in the world that can be called corruption. Due to the limitations of the GCPI, such as that it measures only domestic corruption while it does not measure illicit financial flows between countries, you may judge the scale of the international corruption operated by the Chinese Communist Party, there is a very recent example of the Chinese Communist Party’s corruption in order to lure some countries’ leaders and officials to show up at the Beijing Winter Olympics in February 2022.

The boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics was led by the US and many western countries against the world’s most morally bereft empire: the Chinese Communist Party’s Uyghur genocide in Xinjiang, the persecution of Hong Kong, the political imprisonment of countless citizens, and the wanton theft of Western technology.

The Chinese Communist Party is trying all kinds of corruption to lure as many heads of nations as possible by offering them an unbelievable amount of money. According to Mr. Miles Guo, the Chinese Communist Party offered Putin trillions of dollars, and a fund of $300 million was ready for collection for Pakistan.

Can any nation meet the scale of such bribery committed by the Chinese Communist Party? And will GCPI take such bribery into consideration in its ranking of corruption?

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