Translated by: Ermat

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Being in China, I work 9 to 5 every day, like a frog at the bottom of the well who never cares about politics and only knows how to work with my head down. But this did not satisfy my expectation of life. So I started to go out on my own to look for some jobs and opportunities. Through my own hard work, I was finally able to barely get by. As I came into contact with more people, the idea of investing to get rich started to grow. But every project I did failed, and I ended up losing all my money and going into debt.

When I was at the end of my rope and close to a nervous breakdown, my husband advised me that it was not your problem, but the system of the Chinese Communist Party, and that it was impossible for us to live a happy life under this system. He had told me more than once about the evil of the Communist Party, and I always half believed it. In 2017, I started listening to Mr. Guo’s live broadcast with my husband. He once told me about Mr. Guo’s famous quote, “Everything is just beginning!” . At that time, I didn’t understand what this phrase meant. Since I listened to his broadcast, I slowly woke up. I know what the Whistleblower Movement is and see the falsehood, evil and ugliness of the Chinese Communist Party.

Under such an evil rule with no rule of law, no human rights, no freedom, and no faith, the common people live like pigs and dogs. As time went by, everything Mr. Guo said was verified one by one. That’s why I admire and worship Mr. Guo. Until now, every time I listen to Mr. Guo’s live broadcast, I can’t help but feel shocked, enlightened and excited. That’s how I followed Mr. Guo until now.

My son didn’t like to study, and he was just muddling through school, playing games every day. At that time, I was also very worried. Until the day my husband found out about the school situation and had an in-depth conversation with my son. The content of the conversation was that my son was not allowed to join the party or the army in school, but he should exercise well. After this conversation, my son also started to listen to Mr. Guo’s live broadcast with us.

A few months later, my son decided to drop out of school. We all agreed and asked our relatives to take him through the withdrawal process. Later, friends and relatives at home did not understand and accused us of being too hasty and letting our child drop out of school was ruining his future. We know that they and we had different views long ago. Since then our family of three has been involved in the Whistleblower Movement together. Our son has also been involved in volunteer work on the farm. I feel very happy and relieved that he was able to contribute a part to the Whistleblower Movement.

Listening to Mr. Guo has made us wise, enlightened and happier. Mr. Guo is a bright light in the darkness, leading us forward. We follow Mr. Guo closely to extinguish the Communist Party for justice. We donated to the Rule of Law Fund to become part of the Whistleblower Movement. We didn’t think we would be able to participate in the GTV investment program. This gave us the opportunity to change our fate.

Mr. Guo once said that he would not leave behind every sincere fellow fighter. Participating in the Whistleblower Movement has made us work at least 30 years less. We now know the love Mr. Guo has for every one of his fellow fighters. The money rolled away by the nine-fingered demon also included the only money we had left. I was really angry at the time. I lost sleep and couldn’t eat. While I was anxious and angry, Mr. Guo told us on air that the victims would not lose a single penny this time, and Mr. Guo also took all the responsibility.

At that time, I felt so incredible that I was even moved to tears. Once again, I want to say from the bottom of my heart that Mr. Guo is really great. Mr. Guo and we had never met, and the money was not credited to him, but he took it all on his own for us. In this world, besides Mr. Guo, there is no one like him who treats each other with such sincerity and promises.

Following Mr. Guo, I have gained countless times of moving, countless times of excitement, countless times of shock and countless times of thrill. Following the farm, I found a home, found the love of comrades. Following the Whistleblower Movement, I saw the truth more clearly and rekindled hope for the future. I love Mr. Guo, I love fellow fighters. I am looking forward to meeting the fellow fighters soon in Pangu!