Translated by: MOS Translation Team – Eleutheria

U.S. media reported on Jan. 28 that the Biden administration is awarding a $1.3 billion contract to a Chinese subsidiary of COVID tests has drawn the ire of Capitol Hill Republicans.

Rep. Mike Walz said it was like “paying the arsonist for supplies to put out the fire” and that the U.S. cannot rely on a hostile country like the CCP, and that when dealing with any Chinese subsidiary, all funds inevitably go into the pockets of the CCP, which can greatly damage U.S. national security.

Other members of Congress believe that the CCP is the origin of COVID-19 and that there is not a shred of transparency in this matter. The CCP is responsible for unleashing the COVID-19 upon the world. The Biden administration should be using and assisting U.S. suppliers, not buying critical supplies from the CCP, which hurts American jobs and is another insult to American businesses.

Reference: 拜登与中共签订中共病毒测试剂合同引发强烈不满

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