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In the grand live broadcast on January 24th, Miles Guo said that the New Federal State of China is the first “double-headed eagle” movement between the CCP and Russia that broke out in the world.  In the plan of the Double-Headed Eagle Movement, Russia will pretend to attack Ukraine to cooperate with Xi Jinping’s attack on Taiwan.  In history, China and Russia have had such cooperation. On August 8th, 2008, when the Chinese Communist Party held the Summer Olympics, for example, Putin ordered the armed forces to attack Georgia on the same day.

Regarding the double-headed eagle movement, Miles said that at present, Putin is not negotiating conditions with the West and Europe, but is cooperating with Xi Jinping. Although Putin has not shown a real intention to attack Ukraine at present, if there is a chance, Putin is very likely to seriously do it after starting it as a joke.  Regarding the situation in Russia and Ukraine, Putin may directly attack Kiev after a feint on the border, in order to completely destroy Ukraine.  In the case of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and the CCP’s aggressive actions against Taiwan, some people in the United States believe that there will be a proxy war.  But Miles said he believed what would happen in Ukraine and Taiwan in six weeks was uncontrollable and undesignable.  And precisely through the “Sweet as Honey” campaign, the New Federation State of China will achieve the desired effect.

Through the “Sweet as Honey” campaign, the New Federal State of China will bring about the final stage of the eradication of the CCP.  As for whether the CCP launches military aggression against Taiwan, Miles believes that in any case, Xi Jinping will order to attack Taiwan, and there is only a small probability that it will not attack Taiwan.  Whether the U.S. military responds to the war depends on the way the CCP attacks Taiwan, the severity of the war, and the CCP’s plans after entering Taiwan. Ultimately, the U.S. will have no other choice.


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