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On January 28, Chinese ambassador to the U.S. Qin Gang, in his first interview with the U.S. media since taking office, threatened that China and the U.S. would most likely be involved in a military conflict because of the Taiwan issue. He said the Taiwan issue is the biggest powder keg between China and the U.S. and that the CCP will not commit to abandoning non-peaceful means of reunification. Qin Gang did not directly answer questions about whether the CCP would maintain the status quo if the U.S. continued to engage with the CCP.

This is an exceptionally direct statement from the CCP, which in the past has typically used more general terms, such as accusing the U.S. of “playing with fire.The interview comes at a time when Western countries, led by the U.S. are vigorously boycotting the Beijing Winter Olympics, and the U.S. has just decided to “authorize the evacuation” of the U.S. embassy in Beijing.

Observers believe that the CCP’s economy, politics and diplomacy have fallen on hard times and are facing a situation where the world is decoupled from it. Despite the CCP’s consistent use of verbal deterrence and war-wolf diplomacy, Qin Gang’s latest statement indicates that the CCP has internally acknowledged that the momentum is over and does not rule out a desperate attempt by the CCP to invade Taiwan at any time at the cost of a military conflict between China and the U.S.

Reference: 中共驻美大使秦刚罕见威胁:中美或因台湾爆发军事冲突

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