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January 28 news, Qingdao city, Shandong Province, intermediate people’s court openly sentenced Dong Hong, former deputy head of the Central Inspection Group bribery case, the defendant Dong Hong for bribery suspended from death, deprivation of political rights for life, and confiscation of all personal property. Dong Hong said in court that he obeyed the court’s verdict and would not appeal.

And on November 20, 2020, Miles Guo already broke the news during the Grand Live Broadcast: “Wang Jian and Chen Feng are the white gloves of Wang Qishan and several leading families of the CCP. Wang Jian knows too much. If Wang Jian does not die, the first to die is Dong Hong, the second to die is Chen Feng, and the third could be Wang Qishan.”

Wang Jian’s death, Chen Feng’s arrest and Dong Hong’s suspended death sentence prove once again that the CCP is a meat grinder and that no one, inside or outside the system, can be spared, only by overthrowing the evil system of the CCP will Chinese people have security and a future.

Reference: 中共国原中央巡视组副组长董宏一审被判死缓

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