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In the next six weeks, the New Federal State of China will unite people with aspirations from all walks of life to launch the “Sweet as Honey” campaign in Beijing’s Second Ring Road, opening the third door to the eradication of the CCP.  After the New Federal State of China regains the mainland, it will take the lead in completing three important projects in Beijing:

First, the Monument to the People’s Heroes will be changed to the “Mother of China Monument”, in which countless stories of Yang Gailan will be engraved and circulated to mourn the Chinese mother who was persecuted by the Communist Party, and to commemorate the tragic situation and the spirit of resistance of the Chinese mother.

 Second, the Mao Zedong Memorial Hall will be renamed the “One Billion Wounded Souls Memorial Hall”, cleaning up Mao Zedong’s crystal coffin, and engraving the June 4th Movement students who died due to the CCP’s political persecution and massacre, the squires and landlords of the Cultural Revolution, people from Hong Kong, Xinjiang, and Tibet, and  Planned Parenthood’s 400 million children who were killed before birth are engraved with the names of the wronged souls murdered by the CCP.  

Third, after the Pangu Building Dragon head was replaced by a false atheist CCP with a glans head before the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the Dragon head will be restored at the best time and in the best way in the future, and the unfinished Dragon Hair and Dragon Ball will be perfected.


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