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On January 23rd, Entrepreneur Steve Kirsch slammed the government’s health department for inaction at a rally in Washington, D.C., attended by tens of thousands of people against the mandatory CCP virus vaccination policy.

Kirsch said the CCP virus pandemic is actually completely avoidable. Previously, many doctors developed corresponding early treatment regimens, and these drugs cured a large number of infections and few patients died. However, the National Institutes of Health has still remained noncommittal about these options.

Kirsch also mentioned that on the other hand, people are being asked to get CCP virus vaccines for the benefit of society, and no one has been told the risks and benefits of these vaccines. Now, it turns out that the CCP virus vaccine will only make people sicker.

In addition, Kirsch also pointed out that it is troubling that the relevant agencies of the U.S. government (including the FDA, CDC, NIH, etc.) lack transparent accountability. Which has resulted in no one willing to answer the public’s questions about the CCP virus epidemic and the epidemic in front of the media, the tough question posed by the CCP virus vaccines. To this end, Kirsch emphasized that no one should comply with an unreasonable mandatory vaccine policy until a clear and satisfactory answer is available.

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