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According to a report by Breitbart News on January 20th,Europe’s security may be at risk,because security scanners in sensitive locations were revealed Thursday to be made by a Chinese Communist Party-backed company.

Although the United States has placed China’s Nuctech on the Bureau of Industry and Security’s Entity List due to security concerns,but Nuctech is still an airport across Europe between NATO and the Russian border,and airports around the world provide security scanning equipment for people, luggage and cargo,and it’s also being used at the Damos World Economic Forum.

In fact, 26 of the 27 EU member states still use these devices. Security officials in Europe and the United States have expressed concern using Nuctech equipment supported by China could be a significant security risk,because of sensitive documents and information on electronic devices that pass through the machine may be scanned by Chinese agents.

Likewise, if Nuctech’s equipment is modified to allow individuals with explosives and firearms to pass through security without restriction,the devices can also help facilitate national funding events in China,such as a terrorist attack.

Bart Grotesius, former director of cybersecurity at the Dutch Ministry of Defense and now MEP, said the data these devices are processing are very sensitive,it’s personal data, military data, cargo data,this could jeopardize trade secrets.

The Canadian government considers Nuctech a serious threat to espionage.

In July 2020, the Canadian government conducted a security review of Nuctech and concluded their scanning equipment can be used to obtain sensitive information from electronic devices,and can be modified to allow prohibited items to pass through without triggering an alarm.

The Chinese regime has no qualms about spying on individuals and has a history of monitoring tourists to this communist country.

Security issues are so huge to the point that athletes from around the world at the Winter Olympics have been told do not bring their personal electronic devices to China.

Despite these security concerns,Nuctech claims to provide services to customers in more than 170 countries and regions,including 2019 in Europe for government agencies, customs, civil aviation and ports,over 1000 security scanning devices installed.

The CCP has long used Blue-Gold-Yellow methods to invest in other countries through private capital,infiltrate countries around the world. As a result, Western countries are driven by interests from official to private long-term use of cheap Chinese products full of safety hazards, in exchange for this is the leakage of national security information and personal privacy information.

Both official and private enterprises in China are party enterprises.The CCP’s goal is to use these companies to infiltrate countries around the world, make the world depend on it, so as to achieve the ultimate goal of controlling the world.

Fortunately, the United States is gradually adding the products of Chinese companies with security risks to the Entity List of the Bureau of Industry and Security,and European security agencies are waking up.

We believe that with the full awakening of Western countries,as the Whistleblower Revolution exposes the CCP regime’s criminal actions, the conspiracy of the CCP regime to rule the world will not succeed in the end.

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