Written by: Potato

Translated by: billwilliam

Picture Source: Xinhua Net

According to Sina news on January 28, 2022, the City of Hangzhou has reported a total of 30 confirmed local Covid cases so far, including 16 cases in Binjiang, 7 in Xiaoshan District, 4 in Fuyang District, 2 in Shangcheng District, 1 in Lake Xihu District. All of them are mild cases, and the city has not reported new local asymptomatic infections.

The Hangzhou Health Commission stated in a press conference: The virus might be introduced in early-to-mid January. By preliminary assessment, this wave of the epidemic started with object-to-human transmission and progressed into human-to-human transmission. The super spreading location is a wedding, in which seven people were infected. According to the Hangzhou government, this wave of the epidemic has a clear chain of transmission, and the overall risk is controllable, but several positive virus infection cases may still arise in the future. Up to now, Hangzhou has completed 336 shifts of transportation and has safely transported 9218 persons. Meanwhile, the city has collected virus test PCR samples from 404,857 individuals, of which four cases are positive in the preliminary virus test.

At the same time, another piece of news from Hangzhou News is concerning. On January 27, the Hangzhou City Market Regulation Authority issued an announcement titled “Notice on Suspending the Sales of Medicines in the Four Categories: ‘Fever Medication, Cough Medication, Antivirals, and Antibiotics.’” Starting from the day of notice, Hangzhou will completely stop selling the four categories of medicines that are indicators of epidemics. If a physical pharmacy or third-party seller on an internet platform or self-operated platform violates the restriction, you may dial the 12345 hotlines to report the violation.

As Mr. Miles Guo has reminded us long ago, the purpose of the Chinese Communist Party’s “Zero Covid” policy in the cities Xi’an, Tianjin, and Zhengzhou are to lock the people at home in stringent restrictions and to murder them legally with the virus. This model will be expanded throughout the entire of Communist China. According to Mr. Guo’s revelations on January 11, martial law will be declared in many places across China, from Heilongjiang in the north to Shanghai and Hangzhou in the south. Those in China should move to live in the countryside and avoid cities. Have supplies and medicines ready to survive through the dark year of 2022.