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According to Miles Guo’s GETTR, Dr. Zev Zelenko said in an interview on January 22nd that the CCP Virus has been carefully engineered to become a weapon of mass destruction for 20 years. Dating back to 1998, Barrick, who received funding from the NIH and NIAID, patented the technology for cross-species transfer of viruses and the destruction of human lung tissue by coronaviruses, and in 2015 Barrick and Zhengli Shi of the Wuhan Institute of Virus Research co-authored a paper on the study of human infection by bat coronaviruses.

In March 2020, Dr. Zev Zelenko launched a treatment protocol for CCP Virus that has reduced hospitalization and mortality rates for infected patients by 85%. And the protocol is based on a paper written by Barrick in 2010, discussing zinc ion vectors. This means that the people who made the virus, also made the antidote at the same time.

Dr. Zev Zelenko further revealed that the World Economic Forum and the 2030 plan released by the United Nations, both of which talk about the collapse of the Medicare and Social Security systems in the United States by 2026 due to the global population explosion. The same problem exist in other countries.

Therefore, reducing the number of people on the planet has become a top priority. The mandatory COVID vaccination now being pushed by governments has already caused incalculable human casualties. The vaccine passport is what Schwab calls the digital marker used to control and enslave the population; says Dr. Zev Zelenko, one of the woke people who exposed the worst crimes in human history.

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