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The Public Health Agency of Canada announced foreign truck drivers must be fully vaccinated to enter Canada from January 15th,U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration announced Canada-like requirements for non-U.S. truck drivers entering the U.S. starting Jan. 22th, thousands of truck drivers decide to protest And will gather in Ottawa to oppose those decisions.

According to organizers Canada Solidarity and Truckers United, Canadian truck drivers and citizens across the country decided to take action and plan to go to the Canadian Parliament.The aim is to have thousands of cars drive into the parliament and park there to protest.

A pair of truck drivers protested the injunction in Emerson, Manitoba, near the U.S. – Canada border.Patty Avery is a Nova Scotia business owner and founder of Atlantic Freedom Fighters.
He said that through this pandemic he saw our government slowly destabilizing our economy, mental health and the future of this country. They continue to illegally impose orders on the people, causing much more damage than the pandemic itself.

Government of Canada continues to use foul language against Canadians through the media, incite hatred against those who decide to choose their rights to say no to vaccines.So hate crimes against unvaccinated people start happening.

When our leaders are doing it,What can we do to stop this situation?Canadians have had enough! At first we were self-disciplined, but see what our self-discipline has brought us.

Now is the time for us to stand up and protect the values ​​our country stands for, freedom! We are true northerners, strong and free, and the people of Canada are ready to protect it.

Thousands of vehicles and truckers will be heading to the capital city (Ottawa) from every parts of the country from January 23rd. Protesters in every state and province will depart for the capital at a specific time on January 28th.

According to Avery there are already at least 2,000 trucks ahead of the designated start date Start their journey to Ottawa. American truckers began organizing their own resistance on Tuesday. An American organizer will launch a movement called Nations Unite for Freedom.Canada and the United States will join forces to help each other

Avery said we hope that by doing so, other countries will follow suit and join each other.

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