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In Miles Guo’s live broadcast on January 27, 2022, Mr. Guo reveals that 50 countries requested to evacuate their embassies in China. One hundred global institutions are studying how to seize the CCP’s overseas assets. Below are the highlights of the broadcast.

The ordinary people in Europe and America resent serious media more than the CCP.

All serious media and big social media platforms will be tried. The ordinary people in Europe and America resent serious media more than the CCP.

The “Tian Mi Mi” Movement led 50 countries to bargain with the CCP. 

Now nearly 50 countries are bargaining with the CCP. “Sorry, we also want to withdraw our embassy.” The “Tian Mi Mi” Movement is moving fast. A Pakistan diplomat buddy called me, “this song is so beautiful, so powerful.” I said, “you guys have been dreaming with China for too long. It’s time to wake up.” He said, “You know what? After your broadcast, we immediately requested to evacuate our embassy. We have to withdraw, not for anything else, but we have a problem with the inspection. According to Muslim custom, we cannot have anal swab tests.” The CCP Ministry of Foreign Affairs immediately reported Pakistan’s request and agreed on the issues related to the military port and deployment of investment funds. “You guys think about it and tell your president that he must come, and we can add more incentives,” said the CCP. 

After the evacuation of the U.S. Embassy, the whole world can beat up the CCP.

The U.S. didn’t evacuate its embassy during the Tiananmen massacre and the South China Sea aircraft collision. The U.S. still had a representative office in China during the Cultural Revolution. Before the Beijing Winter Olympics, the U.S. decided to withdraw in 48 hours. It’s definitely not because Americans object to the anal swab test. 

Next, after the evacuation of the U.S. Embassy, the whole world can beat up the CCP. The United States restored diplomatic relations with China in front of the United Nations and the world in 1979, gave legitimacy to the CCP, and kicked Taiwan out of the U.N. 

Keeping the diplomatic relations in limbo will screw the CCP.

The U.S. authorized withdrawal is definitely not to cut off diplomatic ties but to keep the relation in limbo. What is “no breakups and no diplomatic relations?” The U.S. will keep telling the CCP that “I’m coming back. I’m coming back” all day long and even send a few people back as a show in exchange for something. This is a national policy and has nothing to do with either party. This is the American people’s decision and the U.S. national security choice. I (Miles Guo) reiterate that the U.S. has prepared for 20 years to take down a few regimes. They have never paused and had nothing to do with partisan politics.

One hundred global institutions are studying how to seize the CCP’s overseas assets.

Yesterday afternoon, at least 100 international financial institutions and companies and 30 large international institutions studied how the U.S. could start to sanction the CCP senior officials’ overseas assets, seize them, and cooperate on the issue. Once this is announced, it’s like breaking off the CCP’s nerves and letting it bleed. 

Yesterday a lady from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said, “The IMF will use every available financial means to punish the CCP before the communists attack Taiwan.” This is a big deal. When the CCP has no money, no Americans’ backing, and no hostages inside the second ring road, the CCP will be finished in the resounding tune of “Tian Mi Mi.” It’s God’s will. Taiwan nurtured Teresa Teng (the singer of “Tian Mi Mi”).

Three “Tian Mi Mi” Movements

In addition to the diplomatic “Tian Mi Mi” Movement, there will soon be monetary and religious “Tian Mi Mi” Movements. 

There is no country like the CCP that has sold out its people to entertain only a few.

Putin’s visit to Beijing has been extended to 48 hours from 22 hours. He will have dinner with Xi Jinping in a private room at the Great Hall of the People; only two of them. Putin now has some trouble. Other country leaders have asked to be in the same private room with Xi. The “Tian Mi Mi” Movement has given the whole world the bargaining power to ask for more money and opportunities from the CCP. Never in human history is there a country that sells out and abuses the interests of its fellow citizens like the CCP only to entertain a few. 

Peng Shuai will disappear after the Winter Olympics.

Zhang Gaoli gave Peng Shuai many gifts. The most expensive gift is an Audi. Other calligraphy and artwork are all fake. Peng Shuai is currently under surveillance. She will be disappeared after the Winter Olympics. 

The Jiang family murdered cheng Kejie because he knew too much.

One employee at the Qinchen Prison called me through his family member and said, “I’m dying. I worked all my life at Qincheng. Most of my children joined the CCP. My greatest joy inside Qincheng is watching your live broadcast. I know best whether your words are true or false. At first, I didn’t believe you. I verified your videos with the people you mentioned because they are all locked up in Qincheng. They told me what Miles Guo said is true.”

He handled Chen Kejie’s death sentence. Before his execution, Chen Kejie gave him a lot of stuff, which Miles Guo has in his hands, and the CCP doesn’t have it. Why did Jiang Zemin want to kill Chen Kejie? Cheng Kejie and Jiang Zemin’s wife (Wang Yeping) were old friends, no affairs. Wang Yeping’s nephew is Wang Xian, a vice president of CITIC. Wang Xian is a big wig in China’s financial sector and the third son of the Jiang family. Cheng Kejie knew some secrets of the Jiang family, including Jiang’s student time in the former Soviet Union and his career in Changchun First Automobile. Jiang Zemin finally had to silence him.

GTV is the trump card of trump cards.

GTV will be the holding company of the G series in the future. The holding company of GTV will own 5% of Gettr and 5% of the Himalaya Exchange, i.e., 5% of Himalaya Coins. 

A country is now talking to us about investing cash to buy 5% of the Himalaya Exchange. The exchange has a market value of $4.3 trillion. 10% of $4.3 trillion at a 15% discount is $500 billion (the correct number should be $365 billion). I declined their offer. I said, “if the Himalaya Coin price succeeds $100, you will double your investment.” If $500 billion cash comes to the Himalaya Exchange, the market response will be 50 times that, i.e., $25 trillion. 

Why do we give ten new shares for every old share? If not, your shares will be diluted. Owning the controlling interest is very important. 

Updates on H-Pay and Gettr

H-Pay will be launched during the Spring Festival. It will go through three phases: (1) Peer-to-peer transfer; (2) Acceptance by financial organizations; (3) Recognition by the government of a particular country.

Gettr will adopt a brand new platform based on blockchain. The G series is at the forefront of the times. The SkyWifi technology is not exclusive to Elon Musk. Japan will surpass the U.S. in SkyWifi technology in the future.

After vaccination, doctors, renowned experts, and patients are dying. 

Since yesterday, six or seven brothers in arms have sent me the same messages. All of them are our comrades and doctors from the United States, China, and Asia. They find themselves surrounded by dying doctors, patients, and renowned experts. The environment is frightening.

The vaccine disaster has come, and the experts who lectured others are dead. A brother in arms in a hospital in Singapore said to me, “Miles, four medical staff have died in my hospital. Our dean cannot walk straight. Now he walks like a limping cat.”

The conclusion that the vaccine disaster will begin in May is based on science and intelligence.

I (Miles Guo) work with intelligence agents every day. Real intelligence has many specific characteristics. For example, a person sends me the first and last name. He is an expert, a brother in arms, and trustworthy. I compare the same information vertically and cross the board. My experience is a foundation.

The Chinese scientist who fled to Europe was involved in developing the CCP’s biochemical weapons. That’s why we dare to make bold statements that the vaccine disaster will start in May. The virus is not the main character; the vaccine is the catastrophe. The secondary disaster of the vaccine is the key. The College of Chemical Defense is China’s biochemical force. The vaccine’s adverse effects will appear 8-12 months and 16-18 months after vaccination. The first wave will start in May.

Miles Guo knows where Xi Jinping is.

Members of the State Security Council do not know where Xi Jinping sleeps at night, but I (Miles Guo) do. Three types of people must present at Xi Jinping’s resting place. The first is his security personnel, who must use communication devices. The encrypted communication is nonsense and transparent to me. The second person is his secretary, who keeps classified information. Third, I know his location as long as Xi is in China. Xi must be accompanied by an entourage no matter where he goes.

The Pangu dragon head is closely related to the ancestral tomb of Mao Zedong, Shaolin Temple, and the Wutai Mountains.

I (Miles Guo) asked everyone to check Pangu’s relationship with Shanxi and the Kunlun Mountains, but no one figured it out. Pangu’s dragon head and Mao Zedong’s birthplace contain some magic numbers, just like Pangu and the “steamed egg” of Zhongnanhai are exactly 10 kilometers apart. The relationship was formed naturally, not choreographed. More importantly, check out the relative positioning of Shaolin Temple, the Wutai Mountains, and the Famen Temple in Xi’an. 

You cannot survive in desperate times because you haven’t practiced enough. 

I have met the master who told me that life is about surviving in desperate times. You cannot survive in desperate times because you haven’t practiced enough. When you have a mission and God’s help, you will obtain superman’s strength. Don’t doubt all your victories because of failures in your life. Do not disbelieve in good people because you have seen too many evil people. Don’t stop believing in the truth because you’ve seen too many lies. Don’t stop telling the truth because you’ve heard too many falsehoods!

When a wagon gets stuck in the ditch, free the horse first.

If you go to another country, you live once more. After I (Miles Guo) left Zhaojiagou and went to my hometown in Shandong, I lived life once more. I moved to Beijing and had a new experience. Then I went to Hong Kong, Japan, the United States, and Europe. I think I lived once more each time. If a person cultivates land in a village of Northeast China, what can he achieve even if he lives for 1000 years? Do not trap yourself in the pit if you have opportunities to get out.

I lived in Zhaojiagou when I was a child. It happened very often that people drove a carriage into a ditch. They tried hard to pull the horse and the carriage. I always set free the horse even if I had to cut off the rope. Pull the horse out first and then the carriage because the carriage would not run away by itself. Miles Guo became well-known: a smart kid never lets the horse hurt.

What dimension does Mr. Guo try to reach? 

I (Miles Guo) want to live in a higher dimension. I want to be spiritually elevated. Through technology, computers, super chips, and videos, I want to show you that the soul and the material world are in unity. People must not be afraid. Miles Guo will not leave. I will go to the deep woods and spend more time with my brothers in arms.

Fate is the result of various opportunities arranged by God.

Our achievement today is attributed to our ability and virtue. It is inevitable and absolute; otherwise, we could not come together. Buddhism speaks particularly well that it takes a thousand years of cultivation to ride on the same boat and be in the same bed. It is the physical conditions created by various chances and God’s arrangement. Never hurt the person you share a destiny with. Cherish each other.

Mr. Guo will sing songs like “The Spring of Northern Nation” until the destruction of the CCP.

Xi Jinping and Peng Liyuan often sing “The Spring of Northern Nation” at home. Miles Guo will sing this song and all of Peng’s songs loudly on January 31. We will keep singing until the destruction of the CCP.  (All contents are subject to Mr. Miles Guo’s live broadcasts.)

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