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Gary Kalman, chief of staff of Transparency International, a global anti-corruption organization, said that CCP’s role in global engagement has increased, and corrupt practices have gone beyond national borders, such as using foreign aid or corruption to force its way into Europe. Research expert Roberto Martinez B. Kukutschka pointed out that the anti-corruption of the dictatorial government will only target people who hinder those in power, and Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption is only a means of fighting and has not played any role in the media and civil society.

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Transparency International also pointed out that due to the CCP virus (COVID-19) pandemic in the past two years, the governments’ accountability to the outside world and information transparency has also affected the integrity of some Western European countries and the European Union. Growing restrictions on accountability measures and basic civil liberties in parts of Eastern Europe and Central Asia have made corruption even more reckless and made previously top performers show signs of deterioration.


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