By: MOS Business Team – April

On January 18, According to sources from social media, Canadian truckers’ actions against the government’s vaccine mandate and blockade measures continued to grow. On January 17 evening, bulky truck drivers blocked the US-Canada two-direction highway entrances in Manitoba, Canada. One of the cars handed a banner reading “Against Mandatory Vaccinations.”

On January 12, the Canada Border Services Agency said unvaccinated Canadian truckers could enter from the U.S. But a day later, the Canada Federal Ministry of Health Department backtracked the order and announced that the vaccine mandate would be implemented and effective on January 15. It is estimated by the Canadian Trucking Association the vaccine mandate would involve 18 000 drivers.

The US-Canada annual trading volume exceeds 650 billion CAD, of which around 2/3  goods need freight truck delivery. The vaccine mandate, without any doubt, will exacerbate the supplies shortage and prices soaring in both countries.

This Sunday, the protest organizers called nationwide truckers to drive to Ottawa’s capital and protest in front of Congress and central government departments on January 29. They require the Trudeau government to cancel the vaccine mandate to all industries, lift COVID restrictions and return the freedom to people. They also claimed that they would not leave without achieving their goals. Currently, the dedicated donations of the protest have reached 400 000 CAD.

Article: Canadian Truckers to Protest Vaccine Mandate in Capital at the end of January

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