By: MOS Business Team – April

It was reported that the lawsuits from fired unvaccinated employees in Canada had piled up. Lior Samfiru, a Toronto employment lawyer and co-founder of Samfiru Tumarkin LLP., said that he had never seen so many cases dealing with the same issue in such a short period during his two-decade of law practicing. His firm alone had represented hundreds of people across Canada on this issue.

Last November, a union representing TTC employees requested to halt the Transit Commission’s vaccine policy, claiming it caused service disruptions because of unvaccinated employees’ dismissal. However, the judge declined their request. Samfiru said that an employer had the right to fire an employee for many reasons, but an employer had to pay the severance if an employee was not guilty of significant misconduct. The unvaccinated simply didn’t fall into this category. A lot of employers didn’t realize that they were facing both massive legal costs and big payout as a result of wrongful dismissal.

Critics pointed out that as more and more fired unvaccinated employees filed lawsuits against their employers, many silent dissenters had begun to push back against the vaccine mandate.

Article: Growing Numbers of Laid-off Unvaccinated Employees in Canada Filed Lawsuits for Wrongful Termination

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