By: MOS Business Team – April

According to a statistical report on January 20, nearly 9 million Americans have asked for sick leaves for the CCP virus infection or caring for infected people.

The figure is three times larger than a month ago and accounts for 6% of the total American labor force. At the same time, 3.2 million people said they could not find a job, a 25% increase from December last year. Luke Pardue, an economist at Gusto, working at a payroll services company, said that the economic recovery is related to the pandemic status and the government’s public health policies. He gave an example of the recent cancellation of tens of thousands of flights due to numerous employees of airline companies applying for sick leaves due to the CCP virus. In New York, the hours of service workers have been reduced from 40 hours to 21 hours a week.

According to data from the American CDC, Omicron currently accounted for 98% of confirmed cases of the CCP virus, making it the mutant virus with the highest infection rate and transmission rate. Critics believe that, from the employment data, the labor force shortage issue is still deteriorating, and the economy has not truly recovered.

Next, the trends of cross-border truck drivers in the United States and Canada also drew attention. It is understood that truck convoys are participating in demonstrations near the Emerson Port of Entry to protest against the vaccine mandate policies of the American and the Canadian government. 

Article: Nearly 9 Million Americans Have Asked For Sick Leave Due To the CCP Virus

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