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The official account of Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been frozen on the Chinese WeChat. Australian Liberal MPs accused the Chinese government of “censorship” and “interference” on January 24.

Image Source: Yahoo Japan

Morrison’s account opened in February 2019 has now been renamed “Australian Chinesenewlife” by its new Chinese owner. In Communist China, mainstream apps and social media in Western countries such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter are banned, and WeChat has an overwhelming market share in China.

Liberal Senator James Paterson said in the 2GB broadcast on the 24th that the seizure of Mr. Morrison’s account had been an effort by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) at “interfering in our democracy and silence our free speech.”

The account name of “Australian Chinesenewlife” has been modified and shown since October 28 last year. But the account’s post can be traced back to February 1, 2019, and it can also be confirmed that Mr. Morrison’s first post “Pleased to open the official WeChat account” still shows on the “Australian Chinesenewlife” WeChat account. The account last posted on July 9 last year and Morrison lost access to it since that day.


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