Translated by: MOS Media Team – Mindblade

On January 26, according to relevant media sources, a German think tank recently released the results of a survey of 850 Communist China experts in Europe. 70% of the researchers expect that the relationship between Europe and Communist China will continue to deteriorate this year, and another 10% of the researchers believe that the relationship will seriously deteriorate.

The survey points out that most of the respondents are not optimistic about the prospects of EU-Communist China economic and trade relations. Respondents indicate that the European Parliament’s rejection of the EU-China Agreement for Investment in 2021, coupled with the recent economic coercion to Lithuania by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) over the Taiwan issue, will lead to deterioration of relations between Europe and the CCP. In addition, the respondents also mention that the Beijing Winter Olympics will have a negative effect on the CCP government.

The researchers also say that improving EU’s economic security, strengthening cooperation on climate protection, criticizing information manipulation and disinformation by the CCP, and raising human rights-related issues are the focus of Europe on Communist china.


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