A former athlete asked what’s really in the COVID vaccines. German doctor was murdered after he reported that graphene oxide was actually in the vaccines.  Other Scientists say there should be more investigation on the ingredients of the COVID vaccines.

Okay I don’t come from a medical background. I’m a former athlete and I care about health and freedom in general. So that’s why I’m here. But I just want to set up this question with a few stories recently. So, we were told fetal cell lines were absolutely not in the vaccines. Then Project Veritas did their (you know) undercover journalism and found out it was.

There was a German doctor Andreas Novak who was murdered last week after he reported that graphene oxide was actually in the vaccines.There was a head of a German hospital last week who jumped off the roof of this hospital after admitting COVID 19 vaccines were really about totalitarian control and it was a scam. Then we have Dr Carrie Madej showing several batches of Moderna and Pfizer vaccines with self-assembling tentacled nanobots.

I saw this video in images. I didn’t know if I believed it. So then I read recently in 2019 where the NIAID I believe it is said. Yes we are looking at self-assembling nanobots within the vaccines and I saw Dr Fauci’s signature on the document. So all that sets up this question.

No.1: what is really in these things, because I just don’t have access to a microscope to go look at it. No.2: these are bombshell stories to me. I mean as a regular guy, this stuff speaks to me when you got doctors head of hospitals jumping off the roof.

So are these censored stories useful to the public? So No.1: what’s in the vaccines? No.2: is this useful? So because these injections are experimental and they’re only being used under the EUA. We do not know the full list of ingredients that’s in them, no one knows.

We do know that there’s supposed to be messenger RNA to manufacturer spike protein. We’ve found out that there’s also messenger RNA in there to stop the body from stopping the body from removing the messenger RNA.

We know that there’s lipid nanoparticles in there. We know that there’s polyethylene glycol in there. What else is  in there we don’t know and no one is holding them responsible for letting us know what is in the shots.

The German doctor you mentioned found that it wasn’t graphene oxide that was in it. It was graphene hydroxide. And the potential for hydro graphene hydroxide based on his scientific understanding was that it breaks apart in the bloodstream and causes razor blade cuts into the endothelial lining of the cells of the blood vessels.

Now we’re seeing people with increased clotting in their blood and strokes. We’re seeing over 100 soccer players internationally who’ve already collapsed and died on the field. And he raised the suggestion that the action of the graphene hydroxide is.

What’s causing these blood clots and these heart attacks and these strokes. So, any scientific mind. When they see any scientific mind that sees a list of observations, then has to ask a question that’s what the scientific method is.

Scientific method is wow. Over 100 of these soccer players have died suddenly and many more athletes have died suddenly. And there’s some concern that there might be some chemicals in this shot, that are creating not only the cytokine storm that Dr News spoke about. But blood clots and strokes and sudden death.

The question then needs to be asked is there something or some things in this shot that could be contributing to the observations. That we’re seeing that’s a normal scientific method. And then you assess the shots by looking at what the ingredients are looking at the chemical makeup and trying to understand the effects of those chemicals and what they would have on the body.

We do know that there’s no study isolating any of the ingredients in these shots. To test them for safety and biological effects in the body short or long term. Yet you hear they say these are safe, right? So when your observation in the real world differs from what they say.

Do you pay attention to what the authority tells you? Or do you adhere to your observation and your experience and question further? When you realize that the more you question, the more you get censored. Then you know where you are and that’s where we are. Because a good scientific question would be.

Ha, this is really interesting. You know almost 20,000 people have reportedly died in the United States after having received the shot within two weeks or three weeks. And that may be only less than 1% of the total number of reports of deaths that are usually reported to VERAS.

This is interesting. Shouldn’t we investigate what might be in this shot? But what the sensors say is no, nothing happening here, there’s nothing going on here.

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