Translated by: Ermat

Image Source: Banned Books Network

Here is an article from some years ago that summarizes what exactly has driven China’s high economic growth in the past few years in the CCP. His conclusion was the increase in efficiency of resource allocation after the reform and opening up. It suggested that if China’s economy is to grow sustainably in the future, it needs to shift from rent-seeking activities to value-creating activities. It also makes five recommendations.

1. protect entrepreneurs’ right to claim surplus value.

2. reduce government intervention in economic activities. 3.

3. reform the political system. 

4. establish a relatively independent judicial system, so that the government acts within the law.

5. reduce the amount of resources controlled by the government.

The ideals of economists like Zhang Weiying will never be realized unless there is a change of dynasty. Because  after this article was published the economic measures carried out now, have been retrograde. For the economists who speak a little truth, the CCP will either have their microblogs shutdown or suppress them. Only a group of policy interpreters and staunch policy supporters are left in the economic circle. The economics and finance studied in universities teach that the government directs the economy for resource allocation and highlights government dominance, which is sad for the whole country.