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Athena Covid-19 Update (28/1/2022)
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1, Global Covid-19 Overview
Total number of infections: 365,502,154 (3,274,264 new cases, 16% up in 14 days)
Total number of deaths: 5,634,736 (8,623 new death, 25% up in 14 days)

2, Global Covid “vaccination” Overview
Total number of injections: 10 billion
Number of fully “vaccinated”: 4.12 billion
Percentage of fully “vaccinated”: 52.9%

3, Australia Covid-19 statistics
Total number of infections: 2,468,605 (40,176 new cases today)
Total number of deaths: 3,500 individuals (98 new deaths today)
Number of infections per 10,000 people: 952.8712
Total number of vaccinations administrated: 49,089,980 (305,665 new doses today)
Number of people received the second dose: 19,212,724 (78.5% of the population)
>95% of the population over 16 have received the first dose
93.2% of the population over 16 have received the second dose

4, “Vaccine” News

Sweden decides against recommending COVID vaccines for kids aged 5-11

Sweden has decided not to recommend the vaccine against the Covid-19 for children aged 5-11 and believes the benefits do not outweigh the risks, the Swedish Health Agency said on Thursday. “With the knowledge we have today, with a low risk for serious disease for kids, we don’t see any clear benefit with vaccinating them,” health agency official Britta Bjorkholm said at a news conference.

The head of the Paris hospital system has publicly stated that those who do not receive the COIVD vaccine are not eligible for public health insurance treatment

“When free and effective medicine is available, should people be able to give it up without consequences …while we’re trying to take care of other patients?” Martin Hirsch, head of the AP-HP hospital system in Paris, said on French television on Wednesday. The comments sparked a heated debate in France. Hirsch said he raised the issue because health care costs are exploding, and irresponsible behavior by some should not jeopardize the availability of the system to others.

5, Germany: Outrageous Statistical Errors Underpin Legitimacy of Vaccine Passport Policy

Today more than 10 billion doses of the COVID vaccine are administrated worldwide. The few who refuse to receive the vaccine are subjected to various restrictions, including loss of employment. By today, the ineffectiveness and harm of the vaccine are evident in many public statistics. Some media outlets have begun to find out that the statistics used to prove that “pandemic of unvaccinated” were actually distorted and falsified in ways so outrageous that it’s hard to believe they were unintentional, only to be discovered and blamed on “software errors”. This is the report by the National Pulse last week.

The mayor of Hamburg, Germany’s second-largest city, announced last November that unvaccinated people who had not been infected with the virus would be restricted from entering stores, restaurants and clubs. In addition, he claimed that the 7-day average infection rate for the unvaccinated was 605 per 100,000 people, compared to 22 per 100,000 for the vaccinated.

Now an investigation by the Süddeutsche Zeitung and Die Welt has found that the figures from Hamburg’s social services are so badly skewed that in most cases, they don’t even know who has been vaccinated and who hasn’t. However, this did not stop them from classifying all unidentified individuals as unvaccinated. In fact, by the end of November, up to 70% of positive cases were unknown. The mayor claimed by the end of December that the reason for the misclassifications were caused by deploying “different IT Systems”, where each system used different classifier.

The city of Hamburg is not the only region affected by the false COVID figures. For example, 48.468 cases of unknown vaccination status were added to the unvaccinated category in Bayern in mid-November – pushing the incident number of the unvaccinated to 1,469 cases, compared to 110 for the vaccinated.

Germany’s COVID measures targeting the unvaccinated were introduced in November 2021 and have used these two main spurious data as the basis for policy legitimacy

Nearly 100,000 German citizens are believed to have taken part in anti-vaccine mandatory protests in recent days.

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