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On January 25th, Special Committee on Foreign Interference in all Democratic Processes in the European Union, including Disinformation adopted an investigative report and its recommendations.

The report addressed that authoritarian regime, such as Communist China, pose a serious threat to Europe. And the majority of the European public and government officials are unaware of the severe risks linked to Russia and Communist China.

The committee’s press release stated, “Insufficient defence made it easier for malicious actors to take over critical infrastructure, carry out cyber-attacks, recruit former senior politicians and propagate polarisation in the public debate. This is exacerbated by loopholes in legislation and not enough coordination between EU countries.”

The report recommends EU support pluralistic media and fact-checkers, ban foreign funding of European political parties, urgently improve cybersecurity, clarify highly inappropriate relations between certain European political parties and Russia, and also to handle the CCP’s malicious investments which are attempting to be used as a geopolitical tool.

In addition, the amendment mentions that the Taiwanese government has worked with independent NGOs and social media to debunk misinformation from Communist China. It suggests cooperating with Taiwan in dealing with foreign malicious interference.

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