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H-Coin to the moon! H-Coin to the moon…

You must have heard the song. It has been ranking No.1 on Billboard in more than 20 countries around the world since December 2021.

What is Himalaya Coin (HCoin/HCN) actually?

It is a new cryptocurrency issued and managed by Himalaya International Financial Group, launched on Himalaya Exchange to the public on Nov 1, 2021.

The Himalaya Exchange is a crypto asset exchange, it was founded by a group of diverse thinkers and experienced leaders, who are dedicated to establishing a new inclusive future by revolutionizing the financial technology industry.

It says in the White Paper:

“Himalaya Exchange is the world’s first true crypto ecosystem. Driven by our mission to give you back the power and redefine currency. We want you to elevate with us. Himalaya Dollar and Himalaya Coin are how we’ll take you to the top. It’s time to empower yourselves. The future is here for everyone – borderless, inclusive and secure. Trade anywhere, anytime on the most trusted cryptocurrency exchange. This is just the beginning.”

“We’re picturing a world where people have control over their money, data and destinies. Call us idealists.”

“The Himalaya Dollar (HDO) is an Ethereum-based ERC-1404 token that has backward compatibility to the ERC-20. Our stable coin is fixed to the United States Dollar (USD) with the backing of a Reserve consisting of USD and cash-equivalent assets. While the market price of Himalaya Coin may fluctuate, Himalaya Dollar’s USD fixed value offers a safe haven for both traders and investors. HCN and HDO will be exchangeable via Himalaya Pay and also through the relevant trading markets at the Himalaya Exchange.”

The initial offering of HCN is being conducted on a private placement basis, by invitation only, until it was made available to all members of the public on Nov 1, 2021. Since the public opening, HCN’s market value has reached more than 400 times gain until Jan 27,2022.

HCN has been the most stable cryptocurrency on the market, consisting of more than 2000 cryptos nowadays.

Miles Guo is one of Himalaya Exchange’s “thinkers and experienced leaders”, and one of their business consultants.

During his recent Grand Live Broadcast, Miles Guo revealed some upcoming financial functions and services of the Himalaya Ecosystem, such as Himalaya Pay (H-Pay), G-insurance, Hot Wallets & Cold Wallets, even possible “fart wallet” (Miles jokingly invented the word when trying to explain to his audience how the quantum technologies will be used and works in the encryption of the Wallets, he also explains, farts are as unique as fingerprints in terms of biometric identification).

On Jan 25 2022, during the live broadcast, Miles Guo made a big announcement: President Biden and Secretary Blinken decided to authorize the withdrawl of the U.S. embassy in Communist China. It is by far the best decision for the Chinese people that the U.S. has ever made. This decision is of paramount significance, and the resultant domino effect will pave the way for the “Tian Mi Mi Movement” (Tian Mi Mi means “sweet as honey”) to occur in all the embassy districts around the Second Ring Road in Beijing.

Later, during the live broadcast on Jan 27th, Miles Guo says:

“The Tian Mi Mi Movement is making so much progress! Nearly 50 countries are bargaining with the CCP. Pakistan, which used to be the CCP’s closest ally, has almost become the CCP’s enemy. CCP will sell out all the Chinese people by paying these countries tens or even hundreds of billions of dollars. The Chinese people are the most miserable people in the world!

“I am going to launch three Tian Mi Mi Movements by using the Himalaya Coin. The Himalaya Coin is of extraordinary significance, and the Himalaya Pay is like pulling the tube that draws the blood from the Chinese people and inserting it into the CCP kleptocrat families. What are the three landmark events of the Himalaya Coin from its fetal period to birth?”

“Over one hundred of international financial institutions have made the decision to do everything they can to punish the CCP before it attacks Taiwan, and this is so significant! The so-called “authorized departure” of the U.S. embassy in Beijing, which technically means “No Severance, No Contact”, is tantamount to taking out the sinews of the CCP, and seizure of the CCP cadres’ offshore assets is like draining the CCP’s blood.”

Tian Mi Mi (Sweet as Honey) is one of the most popular pop songs from Taiwan in the 70’s, it’s a song in Mandarin by one of the most popular song singer Teresa Teng, the lyrics translated in English is,

As sweet as honey, your smile is as sweet as honey

Just like the way flowers bloom in the spring breeze

In the spring breeze

I wonder where on earth, where on earth have I seen you?

Your smile is so familiar to me

but I still cannot remember where

Ah ~ in my dreams

As sweet as honey, your smile is as sweet as honey

Just like the way flowers bloom in the spring breeze

In the spring breeze

I wonder where on earth, where on earth have I seen you?

Your smile is so familiar to me

but I still cannot remember where

Ah ~ in my dreams

In my dreams, in my dreams I’ve met you

With your smile that is so sweet,

so sweet as honey

It is you, It is you, the one I saw

in my dreams

I wonder where on earth, where on earth I’ve seen you?

Your smile is so familiar to me

but i still can not remember where

Ah ~ in my dreams

Ah ~ in my dreams

Ah ~ in my dreams

Do you want to find out:

What’s going to happen in the Tian Mi Mi Movement ?

What’s going to happen to Beijing’s Winter Olympics ?

What’s the market value of the HCN going to be after the Tian Mi Mi Movement ?

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