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On January 26, Russian and Ukrainian special envoys reached a ceasefire agreement during meetings in Paris. The meetings were about resolving the separatist war in eastern Ukraine since 2014, not the threat of a Russian invasion. The ceasefire agreement also sent a positive signal of de-escalation amid tensions between the two countries.

Photo from Central News Agency

According to the Central News Agency reports, French diplomats said the eight-hour meetings, mediated by France and Germany, had sent a “good signal,” with the Russian and Ukrainian envoys signing a joint statement pledging Russia and Ukraine to “unconditionally abide by the truce,” and the two sides agreed to meet again in Berlin after two weeks. A German government source later confirmed this news.

According to reports, Russia, Ukraine, France, and Germany established a “Normandy model” of talks in 2014 to try to mediate the conflict in eastern Ukraine. It is important that the signing of this ceasefire agreement is the first time since 2019 that Ukraine and Russia have agreed to sign a joint statement with France and Germany on the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

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德法斡旋俄羅斯烏克蘭同意維持烏東停戰 2月續談

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