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From January 18 to 25, more than 23.89 million new cases of the CCP virus were confirmed worldwide, except the CCP China, an increase of 13.1% and a growth rate of 0.4 % from the last week; 59,138 new cases of death were confirmed this week, an increase of 16.4% and a growth rate of 6.74 % from the last week.  As of January 25, a total of 7.11 billion doses of “CCP virus” vaccine had been vaccinated worldwide, except for the CCP China, an increase of 2.51% from the previous 18 days; the growth rate of vaccination decreased by 0.21% compared to one week ago.

This week, the “anti-vaccination” movement in North America continued. On January 23, physician representatives from across the U.S. held a large rally in front of the Lincoln memorial in Washington, D.C. to “defeat the mandate” and demand the government put an end to the vaccine disaster as soon as possible and conduct an in-depth investigation into vaccines. The doctors also submitted a report signed by more than 17,000 physicians to their senators, exposing the health care system and regulatory agencies for their deliberate efforts to suppress early drug treatment and their egregious campaign to promote harmful vaccines. In addition, following the U.S. Supreme Court’s blocking of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s mandatory vaccine policy, the agency announced on Jan. 25 that it had deferred to the Supreme Court’s ruling and formally rescinded its mandatory vaccine policy for large private companies. A federal judge in Texas also issued an injunction last week to stop the mandatory vaccine policy for federal employees across the United States. In defiance of the government’s “vaccine passport” policy for truckers traveling to and from the U.S.-Canada border, Canadian truckers have launched a protest called “2022 Freedom Convoy” that has garnered widespread support and raised more than C$4 million in public donations in less than a week since its launch. 

For the UK: On the 22nd, medical workers of the National Health Service (NHS), England’s publicly funded healthcare system, strongly protested against the UK government’s mandatory vaccine policy. To date, more than 80,000 NHS employees have not yet been vaccinated. In light of the public outcry against mandatory vaccines and the shortage of medical staff, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been forced to consider suspending the mandatory vaccine policy for medical workers.

The French government continues to tighten its vaccine policy. This week, a new law that requires all French people to show a vaccine pass in order to enter public places such as restaurants, bars, tourist attractions and sports stadiums.

Reference: 一周中共病毒及疫苗信息汇总

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