Translated by: MOS Health Team – Wenfei

On January 25th, Miles Guo, made a major emergency announcement to the world on behalf of the New Federal State of China on GTV and Gettr.

Miles Guo solemnly declared that the Whistleblower Movement has been committed to the elimination of the CCP, in light of the heinous crimes committed by the CCP against the Chinese people, and the biochemical war it has waged against the civilized world. And now, five years of whistleblowers’ intelligence have gradually made governments around the world realize the evil nature of the CCP. Key intelligences include the COVID-19 origin, the truth about the COVID-19 vaccines, and the great upcoming world economic crisis, have awakened the democratic, civilized countries with rule of laws.

In addition, Miles Guo also announced to the world that U.S. President Biden and Secretary of State Blinken have made a major political decision to “authorize withdrawal” of the Embassy of the United States in Beijing with immediate effect. Mr. Guo sent a letter of thanks to the President and the Secretary of State in his capacity as the founder of the New Federal State of China.

Miles Guo pointed out that the New Federal State of China, since its founding, has been supported and approved by most governments. This decision of the U.S. government signifies that more governments will work closely with the New Federal State of China.

It is reported that more than 20 countries’ governmental representatives called Miles Guo to inquire after the announcement. Mr. Guo explained that the “Sweet Honey Campaign” is far-reaching and that the New Federal State of China is not only saving humanity, but also giving the world a new lease on life.


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