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According to media reports on January 25, the legendary British singer/song writer Elton John announced on Instagram that he had contracted COVID (CCP virus) and had to postpone his scheduled concerts in Dallas, Texas.


The 74-year-old singer is a monumental figure in the music industry. Last year, he was awarded a rare honor by the British Royal family to acknowledge his outstanding music career and charitable work, becoming a member of the Order of the Companions Honor.  His legendary life is often cited in Hollywood movies.

Notably, Elton John still contracted the CCP virus despite being fully vaccinated and boosted as he clearly stated.

A large number of data suggests that the Covid-19 vaccines (a.k.a, CCP virus vaccines) and boosters only provide minimal protection against the CCP virus and can cause serious side effects to the vaccinated. Especially for the Omicron variant, the vaccinated are more likely to be infected.


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