By: MOS Fitness Team — Ashley

Foreign media reported that two protesters displaying clothes and banners calling for attention to Peng Shuai were intercepted by security personnel on the outskirts of the Australian Open venue on January 22. Video shows that at least two police officers removed them from the scene.

The two protesters explained to the police that they were not engaged in political activities but were calling for concern for the safety of a prominent Chinese tennis player. They also condemned the Australian Open organizers and the police for suppressing citizens’ freedom of expression. They also stressed that the Australian Open should not suppress voices concerned about Peng Shuai’s personal safety for the benefit of Chinese communist state corporate sponsorship.

Analysts have criticized that the local police have become a tool of political repression and cooperating with the Chinese Communist Party in the Australian Open to dry up its ugly business. It is because Peng Shuai is still unaccounted for that the World Women’s Professional Tennis Association has withdrawn all of its tournaments in China and Hong Kong.

Article: Protesters Outside Australian Open Chanting “Where’s Peng Shuai” Were Driven away by Police

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