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On January 21, in the live broadcast of Bannon’s War Room, Mr. Bannon interviewed special guest Ben Harnwell about how NBC and ESPN, leading U.S. media outlets, have decided not to send broadcast teams to the Beijing Winter Olympics because the CCP virus outbreak has gotten so out of control in Beijing.

Mr. Bannon said that ESPN is a well-known media specializing in live broadcasts of major sports events, while NBC has exclusive U.S. broadcast rights for the Beijing Winter Olympics. Both media have recently announced that they will not send their broadcast teams to Beijing due to the outbreak of the CCP virus, and would instead cover the games through their television screens in the United States.

Ben Harnwell explains that what the mainstream media has been well aware of, but has kept hiding from the public, is the fact that the spread of the CCP virus pandemic has gotten seriously out of control in Beijing and that the number of people infected by the virus has been grossly underestimated and underreported. 

Since December, the outbreak of the CCP virus in Xi’an, CCP has been struggling to cope with the continuous outbreak across the country.

Mr. Bannon finally added that the actual data held by the CCP shows that the actual number of virus infections is growing explosively.

Article: NBC and ESPN Refused to Send Broadcast Teams to the Beijing Winter Olympics

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