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Exception of an abridged segment, the setting of (The Matrix), the film’s parent world is intuitively epitomized by the “New World Order,” so what is the New World Order? There are different concepts, some said that it is tyrannical imperialism and others described it as a great ideal, such as Jone Nelson Darby who was the Christian reform leader in 19th . John Nelson Darby described the New World Order as a dystopian world empire dominated by Satanism.

In 1991, former U.S. President George W. Bush speeched in Congress advocated the establishment of a new world order. Whatever the meaning behide was, it is certain that the ultimate goal of the new world order is to establish an authoritarian world government. In (Decryption Matrix 01), we mention roughly that the reason humans were imprisoned in a mother body and turned into batteries was because humans lose to artificial intelligence in mechanical warfare.

Yet it was the most powerful nation of the time that rewrote the destiny of mankind. The story started at the beginning of the 21st century, aduring that time the human world were very harmonious due to the birth of artificial intelligence, and with the development of the machine race, mankind entered a new era of stability, peace and prosperity. Over time, this new way of life has led humanity to become lazy, arrogant, decadent and corrupt.


As machines became smarter, robots began to notice that they had never been respected by humans and that they aspired to be considered equal lives. Nevertheless, machinery was still satisfy to serve their masters. “We have only fragmentary information, but it was certain that at some point in the early twenty-first century, all mankind united to celebrate. We marveled at our achievements because we created AI or a unique consciousness that gave birth to a whole race of machines…. ” Until 2090, a housekeeper robot codenamed B1-66ER broke this status quo. Upon realizing that he is about to be scrapped, he kills his human master. He said in the court that he was self-defence and stressed that he did not want to die.

Although defence lawer cited the 1856 (Dred Scott Case )to help him, but the robot still lost the case and was destroyed by court order. ” The Scott case” was a case about slavery which decided by the United States Supreme Court in 1857, The supreme court made unfair judgements call that blacks did not enjoy citizenship, because that the Civil War started in 1861. Coincidentally, this mechanical killing, which took place 233 years later, again affected another civil rights movement. Robots and human beings who sympathize with them have protested against the Government, they advocaed that artificial intelligence is also life and deserves the same rights as human beings. The protesters then started the Million Machine March peacefully, but in exchange they got violent man-machine attacks and even brutal killings. As violence turned into a global crisis, world leaders soon realised that a global robot rebellion would be imminent.

A large-scale programme was launched to eliminate all humanoid machinery in order to prevent the insurgency and plunge into a paranoid and totalitarian United Nations. Countless robots are destroyed by the military and police serving the government, and their bodies are dumped in huge landfills. The surviving robots abandoned their vision of assimilation into the human race and established their own nation in the desert where human civilization originated01, a “City of Machines” hidden in Mesopotamia. You heard it right: the place where “The Anunnaki creation myth” was discovered. Robots from all over the world soon developed a set of intelligent technology belonging to the mechanical race, and they began to build factories to produce goods for sale to human countries.

The hovership, which appeared in the movie, was one of their inventions. After only a few cold winters, the technological level and commercial scale of the Machine City had become the world’s number one, and the rapid appreciation of the mechanical currency was about to bring about the collapse of the human economy. In response to this crisis, the UN Security Council held an emergency summit at the UN headquarters in New York City to formulate a countermeasure to sanction 01. Two machine ambassadors from Machine City were then sent forward to make a plea to humans to join the UN and provide a plan to establish a stable civil relationship and join forces to solve the human crisis.
But the UN representatives present at the time refused to listen and cooperate, and ordered security personnel to destroy the two machine ambassadors. Out of fear and anxiety, the governments of the world decided to take immediate military action against the city-state. War broke out in 2139 when the UN preemptively launched a nuclear bombardment of 01. The attacked machine race has since concluded that humans can never coexist peacefully with machines. As a result, all models of robots transformed themselves into combat units equipped with basic armaments and began a very strategic march on humanity. Under the disadvantage of resource dependence and disparity in battle power, many countries successively surrendered to the mechanical army.

The United Nations decided to implement Operation “DarkStorm” as a last resort, attempting to destabilize the Mechanical City by cutting off the main energy source of the machines. The humans use high altitude bombers to throw the nanomachines into the atmosphere, and these machines begin to reproduce themselves into a thick black cloud that gradually and permanently covers the Earth. This will not only completely block the sunlight, the ever-increasing metal wall will also block all mechanical and organic materials from penetrating the cloud. This explains why the real world in the movie will be a dark and abandoned city without any living creatures.


The initial plan, executed in desperation and ignorance, did bring harm to the mechanical soldiers, but in the ongoing war, it had the opposite effect. The robots gradually abandoned their human forms and replaced them with the squid-like killing machines we saw in the movie. As the legions of machines break out, and the famine caused by crop failure, it takes the remaining leaders of the UN to realize that humanity has been defeated! They convene a peace summit at the UN headquarters in New York and submit a formal instrument of surrender to the mechanical empire. 01 once again, machine ambassadors are sent to speak at the UN summit, but this time instead of asking to join the humans, they ask the humans to surrender to the machines. The new machine ambassador is only an evolved killing machine, and the Zinnai (red apple), which was in the hands of the female machine ambassador, turns into a nearly blackened apple, at the mercy of the sharp mechanical iron claws in it. “Your flesh is just a relic, a mere vessel. Surrender your flesh, a new world awaits you, we need it (human flesh)”.

After the surrender agreement was signed, the machine ambassador activated the thermonuclear device inside his body and instantly destroyed New York City and all the humans present. The surviving humans are enslaved to become the power source of the machine’s life, and from then on there is a new world where dreams and reality are intertwined. This new world is the Matrix of the movie, a virtual reality completely monitored by artificial intelligence. Here, the only value of mankind is to become a permanent slave, and the only reward is false satisfaction and the so-called “freedom of choice”.

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