Miles Guo

So brothers and sisters, when you think of the madness (behavior) of the Chinese Communist Party’s fight against Taiwan, who do you think is the happiest? Chinese (Communist) party members are the happiest: go do it

Now if you consult party members, who wants to strike Taiwan, almost 100% would say: you can go ahead

Everyone knows, let Xi go down a road of no return

But will Xi follow the road?

Let me tell you, according to Xi’s personality, Xi’s pride, and the current Feng(wind) Shui(water)

The wind and the water have come to this situation where China and the Chinese are going to be reborn, and with the new Federal States of China (is gaining) power, I think he will do

Taiwan will usher in a last disaster, but Taiwan will be reborn

And I don’t think Taiwan will pay that much

Some things can’t be said right now. let’s talk later

Especially for Europe, America

I think to make them more and more aware

If you don’t help Taiwan, and if you don’t save Taiwan, is like committing suicide

If we can achieve this, Taiwan can lose less (from strike)

Original Video Title:Xi Jinping will go down a road of no return
Original Video Date:2022/1/19
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Chinese Script By: Himalaya LA Pangu Farm -HaiChao
Translated By: Himalaya LA Pangu Farm – HaiChao
Proofread By:Himalaya LA Pangu Farm – Mike Li
Finnal Reviewed By: Himalaya LA Pangu Farm – Yinlong
Publish: Himalaya LA Pangu Farm – Grace