Author: MOS Education Team – Naughty (Wenxing)
Translated by: MOS Art Team – Newlands

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In the live streaming on January 24, Mr. Guo Wengui talked about education.

Guo said that the so-called best education is to stimulate people’s interest, so that everyone can exert their own initiative. On the other hand, after leaving school, a person will quickly put what he has learned behind or even forgotten, but then he will gain field experience in real life. Such a process is the best education.

Guo also reviewed his own experiences. He grew up in Gucheng, a small town, then witnessed the 1989 Tian’anmen Massacre, was later detained in the Qingfeng Detention Center. It was these unique experiences that made him transform from a child of a poor family into a man, the leader of freedom. He gradually understood history, establish faith and started to pursue democracy. Therefore, Mr. Guo said that life experience is the best teacher in one’s life.

In addition, when it comes to the education of children, Guo suggested that fellow followers should ask as little as possible from their children, and also make them happy and learn in a variety of ways. At the same time, don’t force children to learn the parts they don’t want to learn, but encourage children to participate in their interested activities.

Edited by: James Zoebel
Posted by:RonaldS


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