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Today is January 26th. Greetings, my honored fellow fighters. 

Many fellow fighters texted me, and Brother-7 has already received your messages.

Especially, today is the fifth anniversary of the Whistleblower Movement — it has been five years! Five years is not short. It’s not a long time, nor is it a short time.

On this fifth anniversary, many fellow fighters mark the day. Many of you are moved, sending me emotional messages. I am very grateful for that.

Honestly, every year this time, I relive the moment just before the Chinese Lunar Year Festival in 2017. At that time, before the Chinese New Year, on January 26th, 2017, the Lunar Year’s eve, my daughter (being released from the CCP’s custody) had returned home for two or three days.

I had no choice but to put my daughter’s life at risk to continue the Whistleblower Movement to the end.  As a father, I was simply absurd, I continued to expose the CCP at that time.

So, Liu Yanping (former Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of the Chinese Ministry of Public Security) said, “I find it difficult to understand you, as a successful young entrepreneur, you chose to come out against our Party at this time. You put your family aside, especially when your daughter, your brothers, and sisters-in-law are still in prison. Surprisingly, you managed to save your daughter. What is your state of mind? How could you even continue to reveal everything about the CCP?” 

He probably still cannot understand it till now.

Fellow fighters, answer me this: Had I not come forward five years ago to expose the CCP or “negotiate” with the CCP, would I still be alive today?

People like Meng Jianzhu (former secretary of the CCP’s Political and Legal Committee), Sun Lijun (former vice-minister of Public Security), Fu Zhenghua (former Director of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau), and Wang Qishan (vice president of China), would they have allowed me to live until now? Would they allow my family to live better than they do today? 

Maybe the CCP would not have converted the “dragon-headed” tower of the Pangu 7-Star Hotel into the shape of a “turtle head”, maybe they would not have confiscated the Zhengzhou Yuda Palace Hotel and the Beijing Pangu 7-Star Hotel. There probably would not have been many farces. But part of my family, or most of my family, would have been gone.

You are not seeing your future without witnessing these farces, right? It is easy to understand.

So, there is a fundamental principle that everybody should understand — when you face an environment where the majority of people are under control and being harmed by a demonic regime, you must destroy it! Or you cannot be a victor, or a survivor, in this struggle against evil.

This kind of trust in luck has led to the tragedy of Afghanistan today, is also the reason why many African countries are under the control of warlords, and the cause of the 100-year humiliating history of us Chinese — controlled by the CCP, fooled by the CCP.

Therefore, each of us, brothers and sisters, must not take any chances. I know it very well, so I have prepared for 30 years!

If I put my daughter and my family’s safety or my so-called personal interests in the first place, would it be possible for me to survive until now? Possibly, but my whole family might have been finished.

Although it would be possible for my family and me to survive, our life must not be like what it is now. I wouldn’t be able to have such a wonderful time, my life would be good-for-nothing.

If I quit the mission of taking down the CCP, day-to-day, how could I face my younger Brother-8, the sixty or so cellmates who were imprisoned together with me in Qingfeng Detention Center, and my dreams for decades? Can a life of “eating, drinking and sleeping, simply repeat everyday” give me any peace or comfort? As you can see, now is the most exciting and worthwhile moment of my life!

Our grand live broadcast yesterday, as you may have seen, has again shocked the world, hasn’t it?

Since our live broadcast yesterday, the CCP has been playing hooligans — with this bullshit “China is the safest country, why are you leaving?” 

“Authorized Departure” is just diplomatic rhetoric. Let me tell you this: the decision has almost nothing to do with the virus. In fact, the evacuation has been ongoing for nearly two months. The reason to authorize departure of US diplomats seems to be about the virus, but the relationship will never be restored.

Does anyone still want to take any chances, expecting any possibility that the US will go back? It will be when the CCP is finished that the US Embassy returns to China.

Look into the history of when the US Embassy was set in the Qing Dynasty, in the Kuomintang period, and in CCP China in 1979. See what actions did the US Embassy take at each historical moment?

Do you remember how many times Mao Zedong spoke about the US Embassy during the Cultural Revolution? Even during the 1989 June 4th Incident of Tiananmen Square protests and massacre, the US Embassy in China was not evacuated. And it was not evacuated even after the South China Sea Incident (in 2001) when US and China military aircrafts collided.

Take a look at which US embassies were once evacuated, in which countries?

Sources indicate that after Putin’s team learned of this intelligence, they said, “It seems there must be a war between the US and the CCP. But this is in our best interest.” — Putin wants the US and the CCP to go to war. Putin has a very clear mind and realizes that this decision is not a joke.

President Biden and Secretary of State Blinken of the US are fantastic! This is a big decision, as big as you want it to be.

Even after the crackdown (of peaceful protests) in Hong Kong, and such a severe pandemic last year, the US did not evacuate its Embassy. But they are leaving at this moment. What does that mean? Behind the “Authorized Departure” is to provide legitimate backing for further action.

In addition, brothers and sisters, the chaos in the CCP will continue, and more farces will emerge. Just wait and see.

I did not sleep well last night, fellow fighters who are in my chatting groups probably knew about it. I was somewhat excited about the good news and only had a short sleep last night, waking up at 1:00 am. When I saw two more good pieces of information related to the previous one, I was thoroughly excited that I could no longer go back to sleep. What should I do?

The other two pieces of news were a bit surprising. These things, including the US embassy evacuation event, were sure to happen, but I did not expect them to happen so soon.

Just after our live broadcast yesterday, in the capital of CCP China — let me see if I still have time — more than forty countries in the embassy district demanded no more so-called virus testing and quarantine.

“We are going to evacuate our embassies if you continue to do that!” they said.

There were approximately twenty countries by the time I went to the live broadcast. It was seventeen countries at first while I was eating something, when I was drinking the juice. And by the time I started to live broadcast, the number had increased to twenty. These countries said they were going to evacuate and would never come back.

How will the CCP cope? Brothers and sisters, what do you think? It is just like an avalanche, a domino effect.

Take a look at the CCP’s foreign ministry spokesman named Zhao Lijian and listen to his speech. This bastard talks in the same way as those Iraqi officials back then (before the Iraq War). The CCP will continue to play hooligans, but their good days in the past will never return.

President Biden has not yet issued a statement, nor has the Secretary-of-State Blinken. Why? Even if they make a statement, they will use diplomatic language and downplay it.

But it was truly a big move already, and this action has already finished. Next, more actions that could severely strike and damage the CCP are coming one after another.

Brothers and sisters: God is helping us! The world is destroying the CCP!

Without the New Federal State of China (NFSC), there will be no such good situation for the cause of taking down the CCP. We deserve to be happy, but we mustn’t mind how important we are and how much credit we have.

Some fellow fighters sent me messages saying our announcement missed a few words and was not perfect. Please keep in mind: these are not important — our ultimate goal is to take down the CCP! Now that the result has taken place, other things are less important.

Even if someone claims this is his credit, whoever wants to take the credit — go ahead. We do not want credit, neither do we seek fame, we don’t care. We only want to accomplish our mission of eliminating the CCP.

I will say no more. How long have I been recording? Time is almost up, 20 seconds to go.

That’s all for today. There will be another grand live broadcast tomorrow.

[singing a song🎵] tián-mì-mì…nǐ-xiào-dé-tiánmìmì…Hǎo-xiàng-huār-kāi-zài-chūn-fēng-lǐ…