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According to the CCP’s annual economic report for 2021, its GDP per capita reached ¥80,976, approximately $12,551 at annual average exchange rate. With a GDP per capita of exceeding $12,000, the CCP authority boasted that it is close to the World Bank’s definition of high-income country. This news leading to a wave of cheers of jubilation in the CCP’s state media.

The CCP’s economy maintained rapid growth after joining the WTO. Having become the world’s second largest economy, the CCP has ambition to lead the reform of the global governance system. Nevertheless, the national prosperity does not mean the prosperity of its people.

According to the statistics that were released by the World Bank, the share of Chinese people’s income in GDP has long been well below the world average. The data indicated that the income of the population in 2018 was about 16.54% of the GDP of the Communism China, compared to the world average of 25.6% in 2019, showing a gap of over 10 percentage points, which has been remained for several years, according to a World Bank chart.

The CCP has always been fond of excusing itself with “special situation theory”: Communism China cannot compare with high-income countries; the world’s data was too complicated to be compared with the world average. Moreover, there is a long-standing gap of 3 percentage point in population income as a percentage of GDP in 2018 compared to low and middle-income countries.

In this case, the Chinese people should ask: where did their money go?


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