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January 26th in 2022 was the fifth anniversary of the Whistleblowers Movement. Since January 26, 2017, when Miles Guo first blew the whistle on the destruction of the Communist Party by exposing the inner workings of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)   in the media, the Whistleblowers Movement has gone on for five full years.

During these five years, Miles’ revelations about the Hong Kong anti-extradition agreement to China movement and the release of biochemical weapons-coronavirus by the CCP have been verified one by one. Today, Xi Jinping is a veritable dictator, and the CCP has become a government that the world despises.

At the same time, the Whistleblowers Movement has achieved remarkable results in these five years, the establishment of the Fund for the Elimination of the Communist Party – Rule of Law Foundation, the birth of the New Federal State of China (NFSC), and the unprecedented launch of the Himalaya Exchange and HCoin, all of which have attracted the world’s attention. Under the impetus of the Whistleblowers Movement, on January 25, the U.S. government authorized the evacuation of the U.S. Embassy in Communist China, marking a decisive victory for the Whistleblowers Movement, the NFSC to stop the virus vaccine disaster and genocide for all mankind.

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