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Hong Kong Government announced yesterday (on 25th) to extend the prohibition order to the Kwai Chung Estate Yat Kwai Building for two more days, and to add the Ha Kwai Building on the list. Respiratory specialist Dr. Liang Zichao believes that the residents of Yat Kwai Building should be quarantined for 14 days and another 7 days of home monitoring. He criticized that the Hong Kong Government ‘s closing of the Kwai Chung Estate was not well prepared. He said, the building should minimize staff’s activities of in and out. There is no need to provide residents with three meals a day. Instead, he proposed that the building should only provide basic food necessities. In addition, the residents should be tested on assigned schedules. He expressed his support to the Hong Kong Government for timely closing the Ha Kwai Building.

The CCP locked down the cities, sealed the buildings and blocked the media, making people’s life miserable.  The Hong Kong government wasted no time following the same paths of the CCP’s tyranny to its people.  Today Hong Kong government adds 50 districts in mandatory testing. It is reported that anyone who violates the mandatory inspection will be fined $ 2,500 and jailed for six months. Although Chief Executive Carrie Lam comforted Hong Kong citizen by saying that, “Locking people at home and mandating testing is not suitable for Hong Kong people”, she quickly closed a number of buildings. She also extended the mandatory inspection from five days to seven days. During this period, the building management was a mess. Garbage was piled up like a mountain on the floor. Elevators were not disinfected. The supply of household goods was inadequate. The wait time for testing was long. Moreover, the residents lost income and were at risk of losing jobs. Nevertheless, experts from the Hong Kong government today added fuel to the fire. They criticized Hong Kong government’s mandatory inspection as not tough enough and demanded to implement the 14+7 preventive measures, with supply of only basic food necessities.

These medical experts, who grew up in the ivory tower, treat their own citizen like mice. They used all sorts of nasty tricks to intimidate and coerce Hong Kong people into taking the coronavirus vaccine. Now they want to test Hong Kong people’s tolerance for mandatory testing. As the saying goes: Treat people the way you want to be treated. Those so call experts and officials lost their dignity the moment they submitted to the CCP. Therefore, Hong Kong people should rescue themselves, and should not be at the mercy of these CCP’s puppets. When the international communities still focus their attention on Hong Kong, Hong Kong people should grasp the opportunity to defend their freedom and basic human rights. Hong Kong people should show the international society that they will never submit to the CCP’s tyranny.

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