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January 26, 2022 NetEase reports at least 28 provincial administration regions of Communist China have released their 2021 GDP data.

Among them, two cities reached four Trillion yuan.  Beijing with its GDP reaching 4.02 trillion yuan and Shanghai with its GDP reaching 4.32 trillion yuan.  The country’s top producer Guangdong with its GDP exceeding 12 trillion yuan is followed by Jiangsu province.  The “late comer’ being Anhui, with a GDP that exceeded 4 trillion yuan. 

According to the news, Beijing’s GDP exceeded 4 trillion yuan due to the high-end manufacturing, as well as other emerging industries and the digital economy.  In addition, the pharmaceutical industry driven by the vaccine production increased 2.5 times increases over the previous year, supporting Beijing’s economic growth.  From January to November 2021, Kexing Zhongwei and Sinopharm Beisheng Research Institute, which are the two corona virus vaccine manufacturers, contributed a cumulative output value of more than 230 billion yuan.  Shanghai benefited from strategic industries such as integrated circuits, bio-medicine, and new energy vehicle manufacturing.

From the official data, in addition to Guangdong Province and Jiangsu Province, which have been developing steadily, emerges the “dark horse” Anhui Province.  This time Anhui Province ranked after Shanghai with only a slight disadvantage of 0.03 trillion yuan.  Shandong and Tianjin accelerated and Hubei GDP returned to the top seven.  Shanxi achieved a rebound.  Jiangxi directly chased Shaanxi.  All areas of the Nation have stood up from the post-epidemic revitalization and gradually returned to normal.

According to the analysis, the growth of the central provinces will leverage the reconstruction of the Nationwide GDP rankings.  This is due to the in-depth implementation of the rising from the central region strategy, and the development by “pulling together” in the urban cluster of cities along the Yangtze River, and the high-quality joint construction of the “Belt and Road’.

However, the CCP’s GDP was derived by profiting from the murderous corona virus vaccine, sucking the fresh and blood of the Chinese people.  While the Chinese people were starved to death at home because of CCP’s inhuman lockdown and its “zero policy” of the epidemic control, the CCP’s official media continued cheating people with its empty lies.  This is again a brainwashing propaganda, which repeats its cultural revolution style – a Sow climbing the tree, version 2.0.


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