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1. If the CCP is not exterminated, where can you find a place to stay alive?

2. I think 2022 will be the darkest year in the history of humanity in terms of politics, economy and culture. Not to mention the vaccine disaster!

3. Eliminating the CCP is not for fun. I have lived for this purpose for the past four years. It was never about whether it’s been right or wrong, but a dead or alive war!

4. Human beings really shouldn’t just live to own lots of cars and houses, be well fed and clothed in such a short life! Absolutely not!

5. Regarding the CCP’s pawns such as Fang Zhouzi, Sima Nan, Hu Xijin, every should remember one day our NFSC must try them according to the law!

6. I believe that the current CCP is a black hole that takes in everything, whether it’s your wealth or human life.

7. Money is killing people in an invisible way. I have been worried about you guys–never let yourself become a slave to wealth!


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