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  1. FCC just voted to revoke China Unicom America’s license to operate based on serious national security concerns.This builds on the FCC’s decisions in 2019 to block China Mobile and in 2020 to revoke China Telecom’s license.
  2. On January 26, the British “Daily Express” reported that a mainland missile scientist had fled CCP China with the assistance of the British M16 and the U.S. CIA, and the escape of this scientist greatly hit the CCP.
  3. According to MilesGuo: At least 50 embassies in Beijing have planed to evacuated. The CCP Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been despised and rejected by the international community for its evil acts in the world.
  4. According to MilesGuo : On January 26, more than 100 international financial institutions and companies, as well as more than 30 large international NGOs, jointly studied how to cooperate with and seize the overseas assets of senior CCP officials that belonged to the Chinese people. The power of this operation is no less than “diplomatically authorized evacuation”.
  5. The Hebei Provincial Government issued an emergency notice on January 27, indicating that there have been medium-risk areas of the epidemic in Hebei Province. All business activities of travel agencies and online travel companies, as well as inter-provincial team travel and “air ticket + hotel” businesses, will be suspended from now on.
  6. On January 27, Now News reported that the University of Hong Kong concluded after a case study of two vaccinated persons that the “Fubipex” vaccine can produce a rapid immune response against the Omicron virus. Could these two cases represent the successful outcome of medical research? Comment: Why not study natural antibodies without vaccination?
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