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  1. While Trudeau has previously called those opposed to vaccine mandates sexists and racists, today the prime minister called the Truckers “The small fringe minority of people” and said they do not represent the views of Canadians.
  2. The European Union has angered China by launching a case against Beijing at the World Trade Organization (WTO) for targeting Lithuania over its stance on Taiwan. In July, Lithuania, one of the smallest countries in the EU, allowed Taiwan to open a diplomatic outpost in Vilnius which has resulted in China blocking imports from Lithuania and other economic restrictions.
  3. According to MilesGuo: January 26th is the five-year anniversary of MilesGuo‘s leadership of the whistleblower revolution. And he endured hardships to plan retaliation for more than 30 years, and the countdown to take down the CCP has entered.
  4. According to MilesGuo: In the future, all mainstream media and well-known social platforms will be judged. After this Winter Olympics, people in Europe and the United States will hate these media more than the CCP. And this will be the greatest chance for our Whistle blower Revolution.
  5. Yahoo Focus reported on January 27: HK Chief Executive Carrie Lam said on the same day that the vaccine bubblewill be renamed as vaccine pass, and those who have not been vaccinated will be prohibited from entering most public places. Comment: The chief executive is extremely brazen, and the “vaccine bubble” she has been advocating is just an excuse.
  6. CCP Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Wang Yi said in a phone call with Blinken on January 27 that the top priority is that the United States should stop interfering with the Beijing Winter Olympics, stop playing with fire on the Taiwan issue, and stop creating all kinds of the international ” small circle” of anti-CCP.
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