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Athena Covid-19 Update (27/1/2022)
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1, Global Covid-19 Overview
Total number of infections: 361,705,227 (3,259,244 new cases, 18% up in 14 days)
Total number of deaths: 5,624,080 (8,431 new death, 24% up in 14 days)

2, Global Covid “vaccination” Overview
Total number of injections: 9.98 billion
Number of fully “vaccinated”: 4.12 billion
Percentage of fully “vaccinated”: 52.8%

3, Australia Covid-19 statistics
Total number of infections: 2,391,074 (46,872 new cases today)
Total number of deaths: 3,403 individuals (73 new deaths today)
Number of infections per 10,000 people: 927.1917
Total number of vaccinations administrated: 48,784,315 (82,709 new doses today)
Number of people received the second dose: 19,197,858 (78.4% of the population)
>95% of the population over 16 have received the first dose
93.1% of the population over 16 have received the second dose

4, Pandemic News

Berlin police have been authorized to ban yellow star signs ((Jews’ star) worn by protesters at demonstrations against vaccine mandates or other outbreak enforcement measures. The sign mimics the discriminatory yellow “Jewish Star” sign that the Nazis required Jews to wear, with the words “unvaccinated” printed on it.

The demonstrators wore them to imply that the systematic stigmatization of people who oppose vaccine mandates by the media and the government is arguably quite similar to what happened to Jews historically during the Nazi era. However, the German police have already classified this as “secondary antisemitism” and outlawed it on that basis.

In fact, forced vaccinations, especially forced vaccine injections for pregnant women and children, are perfectly analogous to the Nazi genocide in both scale and method. It is perfectly reasonable to use this symbol of the Nazi era to protest.

Police officers detain a woman wearing a banner reading ‘stop this genocide’ at a protest in front of the Reichstag building in Berlin, Germany. Photograph: Christian Mang/Reuters

Australia will redefine fully vaccinated as three doses of Covid jab

Australia’s Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews wants the national cabinet meeting to change the definition of full vaccination to three doses of the Covid-19 vaccine, paving the way for changes to the state’s mandate.

Victoria’s health and aged care, disability, emergency services, correctional, segregated accommodation and food distribution staff have been informed that they must be vaccinated with a third dose to continue working in the field. NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard said more than 36 percent of eligible people in NSW had received their third dose of the covid-19 vaccine, but he stressed that the number is not high enough.

He said it might be necessary to mandate booster shots in certain sectors, including health and education if vaccination rates do not improve. Also, NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet noted that lifting the restrictions next month depends on higher booster vaccination rates.

5, Charts and Statistics

We have previously seen a comparison of vaccine side effect data over time. Similar but more alarming is the data on sudden death in soccer players on the field.

The graph above shows the historical data of cardiovascular disease deaths in FIFA professional soccer for male athletes on the field of play or in training, and it can be seen that the year 2021 saw a significant climb in the number of players who were mandatorily injected with the Covid-19 “vaccine”. And the deaths are climbing further, with data for December 2021 as shown in the chart below.

The number of fatalities in December 2021 (7) is barely comparable to the annual average of fatalities over the past 12 years (7.8). In 2021, the number of on-field deaths among professional soccer players doubles every quarter. Therefore, the number of dead athletes could rise to 320 per quarter (40, 80, 160, 320) by the end of 2022 if the injections are not stopped.

Previous Athena Covid-19 updates



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