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On January 26th, on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the whistleblower movement, Miles Guo revealed in a Gettr video that nearly 20 more countries had indicated that they would authorize the withdrawal of their embassies in Communist China. And the reason behind the authorization is to provide legal backing for the next major movement.

Following the emergency live announcement yesterday that the U.S. government authorized the withdrawal of the embassy in Beijing, representatives of more than four dozen countries located in the embassy district of the capital Beijing made it clear that they would not accept the CCP-style new CCP virus testing and quarantine measures. It is more than expected that nearly twenty countries indicated they would also authorize the withdrawal of their embassies.

Ironically, the U.S. government did not authorize the withdrawal of the embassy due to the CCP virus even last year, when the CCP virus was more severe. Therefore, the authorized withdrawal has nothing to do with the CCP virus. Moreover, the U.S. withdrawal has been carried out quietly for nearly two months, and the real reason behind authorizing the withdrawal is to provide legal support for the next major movement. Of course, there will be several more deals among countries before the Beijing Winter Olympics as a way to squeeze the last value out of the CCP

The botched handling of the diplomatic incident by the CCP is more exciting than the U.S. authorized the withdrawal of the embassy itself. The CCP’s non-professional, non-international, and rogue handling method proves that the collapse of the CCP regime is logical. The CCP is only good at arresting people, harassing people, and making materials internally, and showing its eternal grandeur on the media; internationally, it is clueless about economic issues, diplomatic responses and management of national security. It is no wonder that the Putin team concluded that there must be a war between the U.S. and Communist China after learning this news.

As a certain country has indicated in private, in addition to withdrawing its embassy in Beijing (pending parliamentary passage), it will also demand to trace the origin of the CCP virus and ask to go deep into Xinjiang to investigate the CCP’s Xinjiang massacre and genocide; otherwise it will never return to Communist China. The exemplary role of the U.S. in withdrawing the embassy has provided a good tool and reason for political decision-makers in many countries to do so, and the domino effect has already begun.

It is said that there will be new major actions next, and actions that are more lethal to the CCP will come one after another.

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