Jan. 27th, 2022

AP Photo/Ng Han Guan, File

According to a story by The Washington Times on January 26th, 2022, it talks about how China’s draconian pandemic control measures have prompted the State Department to consider evacuating American diplomats and their families from the U.S. Embassy in Beijing. “The operating status at our mission in the People’s Republic of China has not changed,” the spokeswoman from the State Department said. “Any change in operating status of this nature would be predicated solely on the health, safety, and security of our colleagues and their family members.”

Chinese Communist Party-affiliated outlets called the possible evacuation from Beijing “a dirty trick” aimed at undermining international support for the upcoming Olympic Games in Beijing that start early next month. At the Chinese Foreign Ministry, spokesman Zhao Lijian said the government had protested the State Department notification of a possible evacuation. What has really undermined the disgraceful Beijing Olympics is the human rights violations and the rape, torture, false imprisonment, organ harvesting and killing of the Uyghur minorities and the peaceful Falun Gong. Not because the American diplomats are being sent home, this is a typical schoolboy tactic by the spoilt children of the CCP.

The U.S. Embassy recently asked the State Department for approval for the diplomatic pullout as China’s government increased Covid-19 containment measures ahead of the Olympic Games set for next month. Embassy staff reportedly are upset that the Biden administration has been unwilling or unable to gain an exemption for American officials from China’s strict quarantine rules. The rules include forced admittance to Covid clinics and separation from children. So no wonder the American officials are worried about the extremely tough restrictions especially about being separated from their children in a foreign country and all the unnecessary anxiety this would cause.

China in the past required foreign diplomats to undergo anal swab coronavirus testing in an action widely viewed as harassment and sexual abuse of diplomats. Reports from China say the omicron variant is spreading in China, including Beijing, threatening the regime’s so-called “zero Covid” policy aimed at totally eliminating the virus. The Olympic Games are set to begin on February 4th, and China has put in place a health security bubble overall foreign athletes taking part.

Mr Zhao praised China’s epidemic prevention and control protocols as “rigorous and science-based.” “China is undoubtedly the safest country at present,” he said. “Evacuating from the safest place in the world will only expose U.S. personnel to much greater risks of infection.” The absolute propaganda of this statement is totally juvenile as absolutely no one except the Chinese will believe it not even for a moment.

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