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The U.S. Congress has invited bidders on their website to compile a report for the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission (USCC) on the People’s Liberation Army (P.L.A.) troop statistics, its recruitment and retention issues, Sputnik reported on January 27.

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A study of the conscription of Chinese Communist Party(C.C.P.) will determine what C.C.P. leaders consider the most significant weakness in the qualities of P.L.A. personnel and how this affects the confidence in their ability to carry out missions. 

The Chinese Communist Party has been expanding its military and preparing for war for years and itching to launch a war against Taiwan and occasionally in friction and conflict with neighbouring countries.

From the time when the Chinese Communist Party released the coronavirus, it has already been doomed to its extinction. But before C.C.P.’s demise, it will surely give dying kicks and conscript more young people into its military to serve as war cannon fodder. U.S. studies C.C.P. military recruitment to assess its preparedness for war; it will reduce war damage to a certain extent if war breaks out.

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